21 August 2021

Unusual makeup for a photo shoot is my passion!

I love to see how others perceive him.

I am more than sure that not everyone likes unusual makeup. Not everyone will appreciate an idea that, well, in no way can be used in their daytime makeup.

Therefore, I explained that this unusual makeup is exclusively for a photo shoot.

In the studio, each of us wants or secretly dreams of trying on a new image.

  • Seeing yourself in unusual makeup is half the battle. It is much more difficult to think over the image and convey it through the look, the turn of the head, relaxed shoulders, which are actually tense.

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Many people believe that I am photogenic. But this is just an illusion of my photogenicity.

  • To create the lightness of the image – I sit like this, I take pictures on a relaxed basis – I have to strain my torso, back and neck so much that after each shooting my whole body hurts. And no, I’m not complaining.
  • And, on the contrary, to the fact that you need to work on the image with your whole body.
  • Makeup will not sparkle in the absence of grace, either in the photo or in life.

This is why some girls are effective and others are not. Failure to understand how to control your body and face, and not just your hands, leads to poor results.

What do you say: do you agree that you need to work on everything at once, or is there enough makeup to create an image?