21 August 2021

Eyebrow makeup in the 21st century is a pain!

I have always thought that an abundance of eyebrow makeup would help achieve the coolest results. And in the end …? It’s scary to see where celebrity eyebrow makeup can lead.

1. Not combed eyebrows

Worst eyebrow makeup

The most harmless mistake is “forgetting to comb your eyebrows”. When there are few of them, then this is not a problem: no one will notice the hairs sticking out in different directions.

  • But when there are a lot of them and your eyebrows are a small fluffy bush, then you cannot go unnoticed.

Therefore, do not forget to comb them. Even if you don’t have eyebrow gel, replace it with hairspray, dusting it a couple of times on a brush from the former mascara.

2. Redrawn eyebrows

Worst eyebrow makeup

A common mistake among young girls. The fashion for wide eyebrows makes them draw eyebrows where they are not!

  • If you so want or really lack the width, then take eyebrow marker and draw in the missing hairs with short strokes. Imitating them is your goal, not the shaded skin.

3. Frida’s syndrome

Worst eyebrow makeup

Well what can you say? The dream of bringing eyebrows together has come true! It’s so good that there is no doubt about their inseparability! Or do you have?

  • Tell about what needs to be corrected here? Or it will be enough to write – draw the eyebrows where they should be. Disturb other areas of the face eyebrow shadow not worth it.

4. Unsuccessful eyebrow shaping

Worst eyebrow makeup

In this example, we see that there are a lot of eyebrows, after all. Against their background, even the eyes look small and expressionless.

  • What to do? Remove a couple of ml from the bottom and top. Then the eyebrow will adorn the face, without drawing all our attention to itself. Do you agree?

5. Too long ponytail of eyebrow

Worst eyebrow makeup

Let’s end on a positive note, where the mistake – the eyebrow swooped down – doesn’t look terrible against the rest.

  • How to act in this case: stop on time.

The fashion for eyebrow makeup continues. Brands produce all kinds of eyebrow products, if only they were beautiful with us. And we have them. They can even be seen from afar.

It remains to wait for the fashion to “emphasize their beauty” come to replace the drawn eyebrows?

Let’s wang: what year will this happen?