22 August 2021

If I write that half of women dream of learning how to draw arrows in front of their eyes, this will not be an exaggeration. I am always asked to teach how to draw arrows, and only then the technique Smokey ice… Therefore, on the blog, you so often see arrows in front of the eyes of different shapes and colors.

Arrows in front of the eyes step by step: 15 photo schemes

1. Pencil arrows

To understand how to draw arrows with a pencil, you need to remember – where there is a pencil, there is a beveled brush. It will help soften the arrow – bring its tip to the temple – which will greatly facilitate the process.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

2. Arrows with liquid eyeliner

How to draw arrows with liquid eyeliner is another popular query. The success of such an arrow depends on the eyeliner itself – the brush and its consistency. If there is none, then even I will not be able to draw beautiful arrows.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

3. Arrows with a felt-tip pen

Drawing arrows with a felt-tip pen is much easier than using liquid eyeliner. The felt-tip pen is easier to control and correct if something goes wrong. Arrows on the eyes step by step

4. Arrows with shadows

Drawing an arrow with shadows (in my case, pearlescent) is a more difficult task.

You will need a special liquid for eyeshadow – Mixing Solution… We wet the brush, pick up shadows and quickly draw arrows.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

5. Arrows with pencil and shadows

Another example where a brush is used instead of a pencil. To do this, draw the required amount of pencil from the lead with a brush. Remember to secure with dry eyeshadow for 100% long-lasting eye makeup.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

6. Wide arrow

This option is rare. They are afraid of him for extra attention to himself. Indeed, with such makeup it is difficult to go unnoticed.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

7. Arrow with pearlescent eyeliner

The option with pearlescent eyeliner is popular on New Year’s Eve. And in combination with green shadows, this is 100% hit.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

8. White arrow

This is a good option against the background of contrasting shadows. Solo she looks a little strange, but some people strive for this effect – to be strangely beautiful).

Arrows on the eyes step by step

9. Golden arrow

There is also a daytime option, when a golden arrow on the eyes makes the makeup elegant, but wearable. Take a lesson to yourself and amaze your colleagues!

Arrows on the eyes step by step

10. Arrow for the impending century

A wide arrow that blends into eye makeup is a trick for an impending eyelid.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

11. Feathered arrow

The favorite of all customers is the shaded arrow. Suitable for everyone, without exception. I recommend mastering it.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

12. Creative arrow

The arrowhead over the crease of the eyelid does not require 100% durability, in contrast to the moving part. Therefore, you can draw it with both shadows and eyeliner.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

13. Arrow with inner corner

A bright option where the arrow goes to the inner corner. Therefore, the requirement – we draw only with a waterproof eyeliner – is mandatory.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

14. Colored arrows

One of the simple but interesting options is colored arrows. The durability of the pencil and its pigmentation are important here. Faded colored arrows are not the best option.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

15. Unusual arrows on the eyes

Creative arrows on the eyes are possible with good dexterity. I do not recommend them to beginners, as a steady hand is important here. And who made up his mind, he repeats this scheme step by step.

Arrows on the eyes step by step

How will you draw arrows in front of your eyes – with a pencil, felt-tip pen, shadows – it doesn’t matter. The main thing is constant practice!

It so happens that you draw arrows every day and now they are already close to ideal. Suddenly you take a short break and you lose the skill.

Yes, it will be much easier to restore it than learning to draw arrows again, but a long break is dangerous for makeup.

Therefore, those who have already embarked on this path wrote to me – Olya, thank you! Practice is cool!

I hope to hear it now from others. smile