22 August 2021

Eye makeup with gel eyeliners

Today I decided to show you eye makeup with Shiseido Inkstroke Eyeliner. And at the same time tell how I fit all six colors in one image.

If you don’t think about the classic version of the arrowsthen you will be able to draw something that goes beyond everyday makeup.

I don’t know how I managed to create such a drawing, but my task was to apply all the eyeliners at once. That’s what it means to set yourself a goal and go for it! This is how eye makeup with gel eyeliners appeared.

Eye makeup with gel eyeliners

When in the hands of Shiseido Inkstroke Eyeliner, whose feature is in texture and durability, you do not have to choose between thin and thick lines. It’s still thick.

Due to the tight consistency, it is impossible to draw very thin lines without gaps. The brush should be very firm and the bristle should not be long.

Eye makeup with gel eyeliners

Therefore, it is more convenient to work dry eyelinerswhen it comes to creative makeup. They are more malleable in application, so you don’t have to try to create fine lines.

Eye makeup with gel eyeliners

Shiseido Inkstroke Eyeliner is different. Therefore, they are the basis of my makeup for every day. But creative images are the exception to the rule.

Who Interested in Shiseido Gel Eyeliners Review Already in the blog

Eye makeup with gel eyeliners

List of used products with links to cosmetics reviews:


Primer oil Smashbox photo finish

Tone cream Sustainable art visage with moisturizing complex and vitamin E # 210

Highlighter NARS Maldives Highlighting Powder


Creamy eyebrow liner Make Up Secret eyebrow cream No. 02


Gel eyeliner Shiseido Inkstroke Eyeliner in the following shades: Shikkoku Black BK901, Empitsu Gray GY902, Kon-ai Blue BL603, Shinrin Green GR604, Nasubi Purple VI605, Kuromitsu Brown BR606


Lipstick MAC Matte Lipstick – Velvet Teddy