how it works? 4 ways!


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A shade mat is a product that replaces the base of the shade. The liner in the eye makeup enhances the color, does not conflict with pigments and evokes a storm of emotions from the result.

She is loved by makeup artists and ignored by ordinary users. The latter doubt its capabilities and get along base under the shade… She is a friend of makeup durability, but no more.

Yes, it can be used as a base for pigments, but due to the lack of color in the base, the pigment will not open. Chameleon eyeshadows generally require a gel backing.

Therefore, you have to deal with a substrate if you want to convey all the nuances of overflows.

Gel eyeliner

shadow base, makeup gel base, makeup base, eye shadow base than replace, pigment base

The ideal base for pigment is gel. Use it before applying pigments.

Feather the edges carefully to avoid clear boundaries. Apply the pigment quickly (!) While the base is sticky. How? With a synthetic brush. We work in two at once: we apply one, we soften the edges with the other. My choice: Real Techniques Eye Shadow Blending Brush Set.



Shadow pencil – have you heard of these? With a thick shaft and a twisting mechanism. For example, Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows. It’s easier with them. Apply to the entire movable eyelid. Unforgettable shading.

If you forgot and did not prepare a synthetic brush in advance, there is a fallback – clean up the edges with concealer. If this does not help, then too much time has passed since the moment of application, that the pencil had time to grab. Let’s go wash it off.


shadow base, makeup gel base, makeup base, eye shadow base than replace, pigment base

The third substrate option is watercolor. Not everyone loves her. The complexity of application is one of its disadvantages. Therefore, makeup artists use watercolor less and less. To save time, replace it with other types of substrates.

Matt lipstick

Matt lipstick

Must have in recent years. Durability and color are guaranteed. Cons: regular use dries out the skin of the eyelids. Of bright lipsticks, I prefer to use Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Mini Rainbow Velor Liquid Lipsticks, and from nude Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick

Now you know how the shadow matte works. Try several options and choose the one that lives up to your expectations.