22 August 2021

How to apply khaki eyeshadow

I haven’t taught you for a long time – where and what color of shadows to apply. Now I’ll fix it and tell you how to apply khaki shades.

If you save this option to your bookmarks, it means that I managed to stay within the framework of daytime makeup. You know me, when Olya is carrying, then goodbye, daytime makeup!

How to apply khaki eyeshadow

How to apply khaki eyeshadow

For the base under the shadow, I chose the shadow-hybrid Make-Up Secret. I’ll talk about them a little later. I hint: do not rush to buy them. There are difficulties. Big ones.

How to apply khaki eyeshadows - step by step photo makeup

Please note that the shading is done in khaki color. This is in the palette Lime Crime Venus II Palette. For this I love her. A similar one can be found in one of the palettes. Juvia’s Place – Nubian 2 Eye Shadow Palette.

The shade is complex and rare. It is very easy for them to take away the muted khaki color and bring the shading to the skin tone. Use it if you suddenly decide to repeat this makeup. Many people miss this moment, which is why they do not understand why shading does not work out?

How to apply khaki eyeshadow - photos and makeup

The shade is created by soft and barely readable shades on the skin. The most popular is the taupe. They can bring almost any shade to the color of the skin.

How to apply khaki eyeshadow - photo

It can be found in different brands: from mass market to luxury. But if suddenly you did not find one, then you can use blush for sculpting. They will confidently take on the role of the “taupe” shade and bring the shadows to the skin color. Do not forget about it and you will have a lifelong haze instead of clear boundaries.

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