22 August 2021

Pupa face makeup brushes: reviews

Pupa face makeup brushes can seriously compete with professional brushes if they continue to attack the market with such items …

I have two navel face brushes and both are about quality:

Pupa Maxi Powder Brush and Pupa Angled Blusher Brush

Pupa face makeup brushes: reviews

Pupa Maxi Powder Brush is a fluffy brush made from the innovative synthetic fiber Dermocura. Thanks to it, powder and other powder products are easily and accurately applied.

Applies cosmetics in an even and thin layer. The pile does not fit. Does not cause skin irritation. High quality plastic handle.

The only thing that gives out is the pile. It is not as delicate as it could be even for artificial pile.

Pupa face makeup brushes: reviews

Pupa Angled Blusher Brush is designed for applying blush and bronzer… The angled pile shape allows you to quickly define the cheekbones, as it follows the natural contours of the face.

But it’s better to forget about all these assignments when they write that this brush is only for this, and that is for that.

  • Each brush can be used for a different purpose. Try different application methods with new products.

Pupa face makeup brushes: reviews

Sometimes a bronzer brush works better with loose powder than bronzer.

And the blush brush is good for working with compact powder.

In general, don’t think too much when it comes to your convenience!

There are no hard and fast rules now, as before, as long as you achieve the result you want. I talk about it like a bore – a teacher from article to article so that you remember it forever acute