Smokey Ice makeup step by step: 15 photo schemes for applying shadows


Smokey ice makeup step by step

Remember the rubric “10 photo schemes of daytime makeup”? Some of you have advised me to repeat this on the topic “Smokey Ice Makeup Step by Step”. And then I thought: why not?

It is much easier to make a choice when the Smokey Ice makeup options are in front of your eyes step by step. Choosing a scheme for yourself is half the battle.

We talked about the technical part more than once in the blog. You may recall the following topics:

Don’t be lazy to follow the links. Much of what you have already read requires a reminder. I have often caught myself that some moments are forgotten.

* it would be silly to say that sometimes I forget how I did this or that makeup and peep at my own schemes to remember them laugh

In general, take your lessons, remember the old ones and wait for the new ones!

Smokey Ice Makeup: 15 Step-by-Step Photo Tutorials

1. Brown Smokey Ice using kayal

The classic version of Smoky Eyes, where instead of base under the shade used eyeliner. It should be very soft in texture. kayal, which requires fixing with dry shadows.

First, we build a shape for them in order to facilitate the process of applying shadows. When you have a pencil, the shading of the shadows is cleaner and faster. Master this technique for yourself!

Smokey ice makeup step by step

2. Black Smoky Eyes based on creamy eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow is even easier to work with than a pencil. The main thing is to take the time to carefully shade them. This is done with a synthetic brush.

If you have poorly shaded the borders, you will notice the transition from the creamy underlay to the dry eyeshadow.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

3. Colored Smokey Ice based on a purple pencil

Choose any color pencil as substrates for colored onesnor This allows you to achieve new and interesting results.

For example, I often use purple, burgundy, blue to make bright Smokey Ice. There are a lot of such examples in the blog, just look at the heading “Makeup: lessons and images”And you will see for yourself.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

4. Black Smokey Ice with elongated shading to the temple

Don’t be afraid to work with your lower eyelid. Without it, you will not be able to achieve an elongated shading to the temple. With it, the form looks complete.

Use a pencil to do this. It will help determine the direction of the future shading. Better to start from the lower eyelid, it will be easier and faster.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

5. Creative makeup Smokey Ice

When it comes to creativity, don’t be afraid of bold shading up to the brow. But don’t forget about the shape. Try to keep it with a pencil.

All colors are welcome in this make-up: from jet-black eyeshadows to pigments. Execution depends on your imagination and courage!

Smokey ice makeup step by step

6. Burgundy Smokey Ice with arrows

Arrows are a great addition to Smoky Eyes. Don’t be afraid to paint them. They visually stretch the eyes, so that the effect of shaded shadows towards the temple will become more obvious.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

7. Daytime Smoky Eyes

The main thing here is base under the shade! It depends on her choice how persistent the daytime version of Smokey Ice will be. You will learn about the best of them from my articles about “TOP-5”.

Use a long-lasting and color-enhancing base under the eyeshadow, as one of the conditions for Smokey Ice is a rich shadow color. If they lie in a translucent layer, it will vaguely resemble Smokey Ice.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

8. Bright Smokey Ice with glitter

Another example of how a colored pencil extends the capabilities of Smoky Eyes. As a backing, it becomes the perfect base for glitter from the palette Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

9. Colored Smoky Ice based on creamy eyeshadow

Remember to use cream eyeshadow as a base under your eyeshadow. Sometimes they are better than a primer to cope with the durability of eye makeup.

The shade depends on what color you want to see Smokey Ice. If this is a burgundy option, then use a creamy burgundy shade, if it is brown, then brown, etc.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

10. Orange Smokey Ice

Orange pigmented eyeshadow is a great excuse for Smoky Eyes. I found these in one of the palettes Juvia’s Place With their help, it was very easy for me to create this makeup, since I did not use a primer, but applied shadows directly to the eyelid covered with concealer.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

11. Purple Smokey Ice with an emphasis on mucous

Another technique is pearlescent mucous. She always takes part in the Smoky Eyes technique. But you don’t have to paint it black. kayal. It can be a golden pigment applied over the kayal.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

12. Daytime Smokey Ice on a gel base

Gel Pad – This is an eyeliner that is used as a base under the eyeshadow. Its minus is in shading. She quickly freezes, which is not always possible to shade the borders. Therefore, it is more often used by makeup artists and less often by ordinary users.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

13. Creative Smoky Ice based on black matte lipstick

Matt lipstick – the trend of the past and this year too. If earlier they loved to use it only on the lips, now it is also on the eyes. An important point: apply concealer before lipstick so that the pigment does not stick into the skin and is easily washed off.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

14. Gentle Smokey Ice

Everyone’s favorite technique is shading shadows to the temple. I wrote in detail about her here… And this image is made gentle by the palette I have chosen.

Smokey ice makeup step by step

I hope you refreshed your knowledge by following the links to the tutorials and the article was helpful. And remember that Smokey Ice makeup tutorials do not end there.