Sponge H&M Makeup Sponge vs Beauty blender: reviews


H&M Makeup Sponge, reviews, photos

It’s time to evaluate the H&M Makeup Sponge and answer the question: will it replace Beauty Blender?

I answer right away: no!

Those who are used to the softness of the Beauty Blender will not appreciate the porosity and density of the H&M Makeup Sponge.

It absorbs less water, which is why it does not get soggy like a Beauty Blender. You don’t have to squeeze hard.

It has a positive effect on the result. But according to the feelings – no. Very resilient. The first time you get used to it. But it happens so quickly that after H&M, the Beauty Blender sponge looks like a rag.

H&M Makeup Sponge, reviews, photos

In general, if you get used to H&M Makeup Sponge, you can save money. But for loyal fans of Beautyblender, I do not recommend it for purchase.

H&M Makeup Sponge, reviews, photos

You will experience constant discomfort from its elasticity, which will eventually be thrown into a distant box and again returned to your pink testicle.

But the mini version: H&M MINI Makeup Sponge Blender.

H&M Makeup Sponge, reviews, photos

They are pure analog and even better. Beauty Blender Micro Mini… Mini-sponges of various shapes and diameters are convenient to use, especially for working out individual areas on the face.

For example, can’t you solve the problem of dense corrector? Sponges will very easily mask the problem without the effect of a mask on the face. This is their strength.

H&M Makeup Sponge, reviews, photos

Well, what have you decided: to be H&M Makeup Sponge or are you tightly hooked on pink testicles?