Unusual creative makeup as an art object


Unusual creative makeup, photo, Creative makeup

Maybe beautiful shadings will be enough? Unusual creative makeup is on the air! Sometimes you want to get away from the rules and side with the creative forces, which I did just yesterday.

The main engine here is the eyeliner brush and dry eyeliners. The latter are replacing watercolor and gel textures.

For a month now they have been lying in a box and have not been used by me. And all because of dry eyeliners! If they had appeared earlier, I would have saved on watercolors. It also costs money.

Creative makeup 2018-2019, photo, Creative makeup

But today is not about that. The sponsor of “what I want, I paint” was my good mood. True, it deteriorated after a couple of days from the type of skin, or rather its condition.

creative makeup as an art object

I foolishly decided to wash off all this creative with L’Oreal Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover Eyes And Lips.

As a result, the face became hostage to subcutaneous acne. It poured out so that these days I canceled all meetings. The forehead, temples, even cheeks were covered with pimples!

Creative makeup 2018-2019, photo, Creative makeup

Therefore, I use L’Oreal liquid for other purposes. For example?

It very coolly erases adhesive from price tags, shoe marks on wallpaper, greasy stains on kitchen tiles! In short, this is a real find for cleaning household and not only items. Try it.

makeup as an art object

But for heaven’s sake, don’t rinse your makeup off with it! When I saw how easily she erases stains of any complexity, I refused her contact with the skin.

Creative makeup 2018-2019, photo, Creative makeup

It seems that I left the topic and spoiled the whole impression with my stories about makeup remover …

It’s always like this with me, I start with one thing – I end up with another. Maybe I just saved someone’s skin from a rash, huh?

makeup as an art object

In general, unusual creative makeup should be considered, not talked about. Let everyone find something of their own in him and see what others will not see. I am everything!

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