Sleek i-Divine Palette Diamond Decade Makeup Tutorial: Makeup Step by Step


Tell me about my big flaw?

I don’t know how to put on fig products! They sent me a palette for review Sleek i-Divine Palette Diamond Decade… Already at the stage of the swatch I realized – Slick is not the same!

And when I started to paint, I was horrified …

The shading went in spots, the shadows were falling terribly, and the pigmentation required a solid base under the shadow. I went to wash it off and started over

Honestly? It didn’t upset me. Practice is never superfluous.

As a result, she portrayed evening makeup. I nailed the shadows to a fresh base (immediately after application, so as not to bald head), and shaded the borders with pink.

So you have to take my word for it. If I write – everything is bad, then really – everything is bad.

Review on Sleek I-Divine 10 Year Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette wait one of these days. Although I’ve already said everything. Well, almost everything.

Who will be interested, drop in. Let’s discuss what’s wrong with Sleek i-Divine Palette Diamond Decade