24 August 2021

I can’t imagine my life without hair styling. Therefore, hair products occupy a separate shelf in the bathroom. From time to time I update the line and my “army” of styling products is replenished with such new products as Flor De Man.

In this line, I was attracted by the description, which talks about the incredibly useful properties of Flor de Man Redflo Camellia Super Hard Hair Spray:

  • Camellia helps to quickly restore the structure of damaged curls, eliminate dandruff, strengthen the roots and ends of the hair.
  • Keratin restores the outer layer of the hair, strengthens and protects it. It normalizes cell metabolism, restores hydrobalance, eliminates static electricity and protects hair from external influences.
  • Ceramides help protect curls from hard water, harsh detergents, hair dye, perm and other influences.

Agree, it sounds promising. There is just one “but”.

Flor de man

The varnish has an obsessive fragrance that can serve as a substitute for perfume and … it sticks the hair together. This is unacceptable to me. I love to feel my hair, feeling its movement. It’s important to me. Therefore, I could not resist and stopped using it, and never finished.

Hair fixation spray

The second product is Flor de Man Redflo Hair Setting Mist.

Flor de man

It is recommended to be applied along the entire length, including the ends. The latter is a mistake, as the tips begin to get tangled and comb hard. Therefore, the best option was to apply mist to damp hair roots before blow-drying.

The volume is added, the hair does not weigh down, the head remains clean and fresh. Not all styling products work in the same way with initially thin hair. In general, it remained on the shelf, unlike the varnish, which did not pass the test drive.

Flor De Man is not the 100% result that I expected. There was so little Korean in the styling products that if I ran a blind test, I would hardly have felt the difference between budget counterparts.

That’s all for now, now it’s your turn to speak out on the topic of Korean hair styling products: have you tried it or not?