How to make decorative eyelashes – festive eye makeup


The other day I decided to make my own decorative eyelashes using … candy. Yes, you heard right.


After the publication of this image on the Instagram feed, foreign subscribers were interested in only one question: what brand of eyelashes. The answer was short: handmade.

How to make decorative eyelashes

When I have some paper confetti and some glitter liquid on hand, I turn on the Crazy Pens mode and start improvising. To be honest, it doesn’t always work out cool. Sometimes the improvisation ends with a trip to the bathroom.

I mean, many people have a false impression about me that I don’t have bad images. And they still happen. They just don’t get published. Everything I show on the blog is the best.

How to make decorative eyelashes

You don’t have to be a super-makeup artist or a mega-professional at sticking everything on to make that kind of beauty. But what was required of me as a make-up artist was to give out makeup delicious in colors. To support the handmade lashes, I had to think about a background for them.

It was created by the matte eyeshadows Makeup for Ever and Sugarpill Cosmetics. Eyebrows also refused to be boring and said: we want to be part of a make-up party.


Even the face with fake freckles supported, expressing his own: to walk, so to walk!

How to make decorative eyelashes

And what was left to the lips after that? Watching other parts of the face frolic? No, really. Required to apply Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick —Purple Rain.

On this I decided to stop, because there are still 4 whole days of weekend ahead with a book in my hands under the sound of rain. What are your plans?