24 August 2021

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The lamp for the makeup artist and blogger Glamcor Classic Ultra is unpretentious, as many believe. This is the number one necessity and here’s why …

Three years have passed since the article “Lighting of the makeup artist’s workplace” was written, and I still receive letters with requests to help me choose the light, figure out the color temperature of the lamps, and even better – get a personal consultation.

This only suggests that I was able to raise such an important topic in the blog, which did not go unnoticed. Most have wondered how light can change the quality of makeup.

Glamcor Classic Ultra

Where to buy Glamcor Classic Ultra

The Glamcor Classic Ultra lamp was not easy for me. Attempts to buy it directly (without intermediary sites) have failed with failure.

Even those foreign sites that said “shipping world wide” could not deliver the lamp to Russia. The exact reasons were not indicated, but the money was written off immediately and … only then was it reported that it was impossible to deliver it to the Russian Federation. The money was returned and I was again left with my dream of a Glamcor Classic Ultra lamp one on one.


If I had known about Qwintry before, I would have saved both nerves and time. So I got it – the Glamcor Classic Ultra lamp from the official website glamcor.com, which was delivered to the Qwintry warehouse, and only then to the Russian Federation.

Glamcor Classic Ultra

Description Glamcor Classic Ultra

Why exactly this, and not any other lamp? – you ask. The answer is simple: functionality.

  • Color temperature infinitely adjustable from 2700 to 5600K
  • The lamp does not require cooling time
  • Light Intensity – 1,300 Lumen
  • Voltage from 100-240 AC
  • Light weight: 2.5kg;
  • Smooth illumination change from weak to strong: from 10% to 100%;
  • The Glamcor Ultra lamp can be controlled in two ways: with buttons on the housing and with a remote control
  • Lamps, flexible base, 360 ° rotatable
  • It is convenient to take it with you to work and place it at home in front of a bed or table.

Remote controller


I have talked about this more than once in my blog – the temperature of the lamps should correspond to the temperature of daylight. It is he who is the perfect lighting for makeup.

Its absence can lead to the most common mistakes: asymmetrical eye makeup, poorly applied makeup, lack of understanding of light and shadow on the face.

Glamcor Classic Ultra

The lamp should evenly illuminate the face from both sides, and not from above, as is the case in the bathroom, where most of you paint ..

Glamcor Classic Ultra

Glamcor Classic Ultra – allows you to change modes from cold to warm and even combine them with each other! A cool feature that adjusts the light to suit different needs.


What is included

The package contains everything you need:

  • Aluminum tripod
  • Power supply unit
  • Carrying bag with sleeve to fit on a suitcase
  • Protective covers during transportation
  • Remote Control

Glamcor Classic Ultra


Glamcor Classic Ultra


I can forget to shoot a brush and do makeup with my hands, but without a lamp I don’t feel like a makeup artist. With her, I am confident in the quality of the make-up. Therefore, I recommend that you reconsider your attitude to desktop lighting and save on cosmetics in favor of buying a lamp. I see no other way out.