24 August 2021

Make up Factory Lip-up Super Repair Balm

There is never too much lip balm – I thought at the sight of the new Make up Factory Lip-up Super Repair Balm. Do you know why? Because it should be in the pocket of every jacket, coat, down jacket, etc. …))

Well, I can’t use one balm, tracking its movement from one set of clothes to another. Therefore, I need at least three balms.

This particular one – Make up Factory Lip-up Super Repair Balm – is distinguished by its usefulness. Yes, they are trying to be introduced into every second balm, but not everyone is good at it:

  • Camphor has a rejuvenating effect, helps the growth of new young cells, relieves the lips of tuberosity and wrinkles, activates the processes of collagen and elastin production in cells.
  • Menthol gives a feeling of freshness, has a slight cooling effect.
  • Cocoa butter has regenerating, moisturizing properties. With its help, tissues receive useful vitamins and minerals. The ingredient smoothes the network of wrinkles on the lips, restores the cellular structure, eliminates flaking and flabbiness, and activates the healing of chapped lips.


The balm has no decorative function. Inside, there is a solid “usefulness” in the form of oils that fight for the restoration of the skin of the lips, and not for a beautiful coating. I need a similar effect when I sit at home.

Make up Factory Lip-up Super Repair Balm

I use it before shooting, so that matte lipstick does not spoil the picture with puffy and wrinkled lips. Remember that long-lasting textures don’t forgive an unkempt look.

In general, you understand that I am a member of the club of addicts: hello, my name is Olya and I have been “using” lip balm since the age of 14. Now it’s your turn to tell your story of addiction, if any.