Tallinn through my eyes: tourist review



For many years now we have been planning a trip in May. A birthday is a great occasion to celebrate it in a new city. And this year Tallinn became it.

Why Tallinn? It’s simple: it is located not far from St. Petersburg.

Tallinn Map

It so happened that we did not have the usual two weeks of vacation in stock, as it was last and the year before last. I had to choose a closer option.
A closer look is a 5 hour bus ride with wifi, free coffee and a desire to get there as soon as possible.


We got there quickly enough. We were accompanied by landscape views of Narva from the window, reminiscent of the new season of Game of Thrones. It will be out very soon. See?


Imperceptibly we arrived in Tallinn. He met us +18 with a scorching sun, which I had not yet had time to feel in St. Petersburg. We move into an apartment in a brick building on the 5th floor. The area turns out to be so cozy that it reminds me of a layout. Always wanted to stay in a place like this.

House in Tallinn

In the apartment, floor-to-ceiling windows were waiting for us overlooking the neighboring house. In the evening, I will look at the lives of others, only about this to anyone!)

Apartment in Tallinn

The area is listed as hip (read: hipster) 5 minutes from the Old Town. Specifically, we did not know this fact, as we chose an apartment closer to the center. We throw our suitcases and run off to dinner.

Food in Tallinn

We are convinced of the power of reviews on the Internet for restaurants and choose the one they write about – super, I will definitely come back!

How we used to live without recommendations – I think, greedily eating a turkey leg. Therefore, I appreciate technologies, using them for my own benefit and do not think that the digital world is destroying us. This is how you look …

A restaurant

After lunch, strength appears to continue the tourist route. We go to the Old Town. So old that even Wikipedia is shocked. The historic center of Tallinn is so well preserved that it was decided to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Old Town is divided into the Lower and Upper Towns (Vyshgorod). Once upon a time in the Upper, located on a hill, the nobility lived, and in the Lower City – merchants and artisans. They were separated by a fortress wall.


History is, of course, good, but by the evening I start to look forward to tomorrow. I am turning 31 years old. I am glad about the new figure and I do not hide it in the selfie)!


In the morning we go to a cafe with a rolling train and manage to photograph it against the background of my festive breakfast.

Tomorrow in Tallinn

We visit all the viewing platforms, during the breaks we remember the birthday and again plunge into the life of a tourist.


I love being a tourist. Climb steep stairs, reaching the peaks to see the city from above …


And again I am overtaken by the association with the layout. The houses look like toys. I want to lift one of them to make sure of its authenticity.


For dinner, remember my birthday cake. I opt for this dessert. In consistency, it resembles porridge, and it tastes like a real dessert that you want to drink with espresso.


The day turns out to be too long and I know why: it is proven that the more events happen in one day, the longer it seems.


And there were more than enough events. I remembered about my DR only when the phone rang or congratulatory sms came.


In between calls, we manage to climb the steepest staircase in the world – hello, Tallinn City Hall! Inside we read a historical note: the bell (read: directly over your head) rings at the beginning of every hour. Don’t be scared and try not to go deaf.

I look at my watch and understand that there are exactly 5 minutes left until the beginning of the next hour! We manage to go down to the ringing and again we find ourselves on the already fed up town hall square.

The congestion of people in most European squares makes it difficult for me to love them. I tried not to pay attention, it doesn’t work. That is why we so often turn into narrow streets with fewer attractions in order to move from the city to “you”.


The birthday is over. The temperature is dropping and the sun is hiding behind the clouds. The next day the sad weather forecast comes true: +15 and intermittent rain.


This did not stop us. We played the weather in our own way, but I’ll tell you about that next time if you want to continue. Do you want?