25 August 2021

Today I want to show you a beautiful makeup with highlights.

Let me tell you a secret – there is no ugly makeup with glare. This is one of those looks that are … well, very difficult to spoil.

How to make a beautiful makeup with glare

First, leave the center of the movable eyelid for the lightest shade in your palette.

Secondly, you must surround it with dark colors – in the outer and inner corner of the eye.

Agree, it sounds very simple that it is. I recommend starting with the movable part of the eyelid to see how bright the highlight is. If you don’t have enough pigment and the highlight is not readable, use a base in the form of a pearlescent pencil applied before the shadows. It will enhance the glare so that it can be seen from afar.

I didn’t need to amplify anything as I wanted to test out the PUPA Pink Muse Vamp! Eyeshadow Palette – 005 Charming Nude in pure form without ancillary products.

Step-by-step makeup with PUPA Pink Muse Collection Spring 2017, Reviews, Photos

At the same time I decided to show you the work of a brand new pencil PUPA Pink Muse Intense Kohl – # 001 Extra Black. He allowed himself to draw arrows and even wished to stay on the mucous membrane. After a while, he wiped himself off at the outer corner of the mucous membrane, which is not surprising.

And the shadows … you can see for yourself how good they are here. The glare makeup was a success. True, one saturated shade in the palette was not enough for me to make a more pronounced shading to the temple and work out the volume of the eye.

Therefore, I usually combine palettes, complementing them with new colors. Some are afraid of this, which is why they limit themselves in eye makeup. In fact, makeup is the last thing you should be afraid of. You can erase it and start over. Therefore, we do not interfere with our fears to act. We don’t need them!

Makeup with PUPA Pink Muse Collection Spring 2017, Reviews, Photos