25 August 2021

Yesterday, the presentation of awards in several nominations took place at once, one of which sounded like this – Beauty Blogger 2017.

I found out about the Beauty Blogger 2017 award by accident. I got a letter in the mail that said about my victory in the category “Beauty Blogger 2017” with an invitation to the presentation ceremony!

At first I thought it was a prank. It doesn’t work that way! – I thought. But still I decided to go to the ceremony and look into the eyes of those who decided to play me. What was my surprise when I was summoned to the stage and presented with a cup with a diploma.

I decided to give the award to my parents. Only thanks to them my blog exists! More than once I have heard stories about how loved ones do not believe in you, calling the work of your life nonsense. I’m lucky. I have never heard anything like it from my parents. They have always supported me, for which many thanks to them!

Yes, I am dependent on their opinion, despite my age. It is important for me what they think about my work. I have never pretended to be an adult daughter who herself knows what to do in her life! Maybe that’s why we have developed a simple and trusting relationship.

And I think they are part of my blog’s history without exaggeration. Thank you, mom and dad, that you are SUCH!

And thank you – the readers, thanks to whom there is life in this blog and you support it from day to day with your attention, comments and sincere attitude towards me! I hope everything is mutual with us.