25 August 2021

Black eye makeup – sounds dark, but in fact, beautiful. And now I will prove it to you!)

Black eye makeup step by step

Only those who are familiar with shading eyeshadow can afford black eye makeup. If you still haven’t mastered this technique, it doesn’t matter. In the blog, I have some helpful articles on this topic:

Black eye makeup involves the use of exclusively black eyeshadow. I used the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette. I wanted to use her to make eye makeup “from” and “to” without auxiliary colors from other palettes. It turned out very well, I think.

The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is responsible for long-lasting, but I recommend using a gel liner or long-lasting base under the eyes for 100% long-wearing.

How to do black eye makeup

Use an eyeliner pencil to trace the lower and upper eyelids.

Use a synthetic brush to blend the pencil to get rid of the sharp edges.

Using a flat goat hair brush, apply the black shadow using a trampling motion. This will allow you to achieve the most dense layer without gaps.

Attach the pencil to the lower eyelid, tracing in black shadows.

With a fluffy brush with a tapered tip, bring out the shading of the shadows to the temple.

Black eye makeup step by step

Makeup with black eyeshadow is the same makeup as with brown eyeshadow. The difference is only in color, but the sequence of actions is the same. Therefore, feel free to substitute your favorite shades for this scheme!