25 August 2021


How to do blue-purple eye makeup? Immerse your eyes in all shades of blue and dilute them with purple undertones. Now I’ll show you how.

Agree, blue Smokey ice sounds boring, but eye makeup in blue-purple tones is interesting. The main thing is to decide where and what color to apply.

If you work in style – we’ll decide on the spot – then the likelihood of a successful makeup is zero. Unless, of course, you are a makeup artist or a makeup fanatic who knows his stuff. In this situation, yes, you can decide everything on the spot. But it will be difficult for a beginner.

Eye makeup in blue purple tones

I decided to play with the inner corner with a purple shade with soft shading, and the outer corner, on the contrary, with a clear line that imitates an arrow.


How to do blue-purple eye makeup

With a blue Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows # 44, paint over the movable eyelid. It will be the base for the glitter eyeshadow.

Take the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette, find the “Vega” shade and apply it to the entire movable eyelid. Expect your eyes to be the center of attention. The “Moondust” palette is not a modest one. Glitter will not allow you to make light and inconspicuous makeup.

With a fluffy brush, paint over the inner corner with a purple shade, smoothly turning into blue. By the way, both colors are from the Viseart Editorial Brights Palette 08. I love her very much for her appearance in such situations: when you want a bright, but monochromatic make-up.

Draw the arrow with purple shadows. Anyone who is afraid of misdirection uses a beveled brush like the MAC Cosmetics 266 Small Angle brush. And to get rid of the clarity of the lines – take a barrel brush and soften the borders.

We bring the lower eyelid with blue shadows.

Eye makeup in blue purple tones

You can do the same with more comfortable shades: gray or brown eyeshadows with a pearlescent coating. Take this diagram as a basis.

Many people literally take what they see that they are asking to show a similar makeup in other colors. You must understand that the scheme is always the same, only the shades change.