Eye makeup with matte lipstick – step by step instructions


Eye makeup with matte lipstick

Eye makeup with matte lipstick is about a bright and rich image. Not everyone can afford it, since we are not talking about daytime makeup and not even about evening makeup. This is more of a thematic option.

I decided to do not only eye makeup with matte lipstick, but also eyebrows. Remember, I said that you can dye your brows with matte lipstick if you need an unusual color and guaranteed durability.

Eye makeup with matte lipstick

What is lipstick used for?

Firstly, it replaces the base under the shadows, and secondly, it enhances the color of the shadows. Any kind of eye product (loose eyeshadow, mica, pigment) will be delighted with the presence of lipstick on the eyes.

So, the green lipstick – Lime Crime Velvetines Alien – turned out to be not only on the eyebrows, but also as a base under the green eyeshadow ColourPop Fizz Super Shock Pressed Pigments.

Everyone knows Colorpops are good, but nasty to apply. With lipstick, they cease to be.

Black lipstick – Lime Crime Velvetines Black Velvet – was used for its intended purpose as lipstick and as a liner for black shadows on the upper and lower eyelids.


How to do eye makeup with matte lipstick

Apply lipstick to the outer and inner corner of the eye.

Take a synthetic brush and gently blend the lipstick.

Fix the texture with dry black shadows.

Apply neon lipstick to the center of the moving eyelid.

Use the applicator to work in the color of the ColourPop Fizz Super Shock Pressed Pigments.

Line up your lower eyelid with lipstick.

Feather the borders with a small brush.

Eye makeup with matte lipstick

This method allows you to create the most color-saturated makeup. Black gets even blacker, and green … you get the idea.

We will talk in a separate review about liquid lipsticks and why lime crime lipsticks suit me more than others. And for today, the demonstration of the possibilities of matte lipstick is over. To be continued. Be in touch!)