25 August 2021

Eyebrow lipstick is loved for its incredible number of positive qualities and properties. And those who hate are likely to make one of five mistakes when using it, which interferes with mutual love).

How to use eyebrow lipstick correctly

eyebrow lipstick

1. First stroke

It is very important to decide on the area where your eyebrow makeup will start. The first time you touch with the brush, the line will be the most saturated. With it, you run the risk of drawing a clear eyebrow if you start coloring it from the base. Therefore, it will be correct to draw the eyebrow from the bending point where the intensity of the color is always appropriate.

2. Quantity eyebrow lipstick

The urge to dip the eyebrow brush into a jar of lipstick as often as possible should be suppressed. There is no need to collect lipstick every time, because it has one wonderful property – shading, giving the right amount of pigment. Therefore, your task is not to gain as much of the product as possible, but to stretch it along the entire eyebrow. This will give it a soft and natural color.

3. Dash movements

Forget about the tutorials you’ve ever seen from Instragram, which show you how to draw clear lines along the entire eyebrow. Short strokes are the best “friends” of naturally tinted eyebrows. They will allow you to create an imitation of live hairs. Do not put pressure on the wrist and control the movement of the hand.

4. Concealer “above” and “below” the eyebrow

Western bloggers love this business, when a layer of concealer “takes hostage” the entire eyebrow, taking away the last signs of naturally tinted eyebrows. If you NSIf you want to correct the shape of the ponytail, please take a concealer and correct the length or its thickness, but do not outline the entire eyebrow “from” to “to”, making the head square and clear.

5. An unsuitable brush for lipstick

The most common mistake is using a brush for dry eyeshadow when it has a different consistency as an eyebrow lipstick. She needs a tightly typed pile. A dry eyeshadow brush adds complexity, one of which is tough to blend lipstick. Therefore, I prefer Anastasia Beverly Hills Angeled Cut Brush Small # 15. Google it for a cheaper equivalent.

In the tutorial shown, I used NARS Brow Defining Cream in Danakil. I told about it in the article “NARS Brow Defining Cream – a review”, and now I am worried about your mistakes. Which of the five mistakes are you familiar with?