25 August 2021

How to apply colored eyeshadow

The article “How to Apply Colored Shadows” was inspired by the ColourPop brand. I bought them when it came time called “Black Friday”. I wanted them for a long time, but paid delivery woke up a toad in me, which slowed down at the moment of “paying for the purchase”. And only on this day she was not against, allowing me to buy shadows.

Read an overview on ColourPop shadows here, and today I want to show you how to apply colored shadows.

I say right away that I had difficulties with applying ColourPop eyeshadows. The desire to do makeup only with ColourPop shadows turned out to be naive.

Shadows do not have the quality of light shading, leaving behind only sparkles and nothing else. Sad … – I thought and opened the Viseart Editorial Brights Palette 08, which added color nuances.

For the sake of an objective assessment of the shadows, I did not use pencil or gel liner as a base, but only a base under the shadow “Too Faced Shadow Insurance”. I’m sure ColourPop will look great on a substrate.

How to apply colored eyeshadow

I started my makeup from the center of the movable eyelid. I applied a turquoise shade with a flat brush.

With a brush with a small diameter, I painted the inner corner with green, and then with a light yellow tint.

The outer corner is about purple and pink shades of shadows. With a fluffy brush, I first applied one color, and then added another shade to it.

I combined the shading of the outer and inner corner using coral.

Has let down the lower eyelid.

Highlighted the mucous membrane of the eyes with a yellow pencil.

How to apply colored eyeshadow

The main thing is to apply one shade after another. Colored makeup takes no haste. You must surrender to the process and enjoy it, then you will succeed!

How to apply colored eyeshadow

I hope that the makeup seemed simple and not so difficult to you, since it is really simple to perform. Don’t be afraid to apply colored shadows, they only appear bright and flashy. It all depends on the correct shading and color placement. Therefore, decide in advance on the palette and you will have a beautiful colored makeup.