25 August 2021

Today, according to the plan, a light spring makeup, where the main role is pigments for the eyes.

Easy spring makeup step by step

If you thought I was planning to cheat with regular pearlescent eyeliner in this tutorial, then no. My task is to show you what loose shadows are capable of. Many people underestimate them without knowing the use cases. Have you tried to draw arrows with pigment? I – and more than once).

It may sound strange to paint arrows with loose shadows, but only until you mix them with pigment liquid. I have used Mehron Mixing Liquid, but there are other brands of the same product. The bottom line is to use it to make a liquid texture out of a dry texture.

Loose shadows

How to do light spring makeup

As a base for the pigment – a gel liner from Inglot. Using a synthetic brush, I applied it to the crease of the eyelid.

I applied Make Up Store Eyedust – Smaragde on the center of the moving eyelid with a flat brush until the eyeliner was dry. As soon as it is dry, I proceed to the next step – applying shadows.

Using the Viseart Dark Matte (04) Eyeshadow Palette, apply shadows to the inner and outer corners.

After we have painted over the movable eyelid, we proceed to shading the shadows behind the crease of the eyelid. Use soft light shades for this step to make the transition smooth and soft.

We bring the lower eyelid.

Mix Make Up Store Eyedust – Smaragde with Mehron Mixing Liquid and draw arrows.

Easy spring makeup step by step

I drew the freckles with the Kiko Eyebrow Marker. This is the best option for their creation and reliable in terms of durability. Agree, I would not like to leave the house with freckles, and come back without them.

Here’s a light spring eye makeup!


Appears in this way on March 1 – means that you are ready to meet with spring and no one will convince you otherwise.

Easy spring makeup step by step