Makeup brush Cailyn O! Wow Brush – Review



The Cailyn O makeup brushes should have appeared! Wow Brush is on sale like everyone lost their peace. Its unusual shape, reminiscent of a washing brush, haunted anyone, including me …

Description of Cailyn O! Wow brush

Many believe that the Cailyn O! The Wow Brush is for applying tone and only for it. This is not true. It is suitable for use with any liquid and dry products: moisturizers, primers, blush, bronzers, powder. Therefore, it can be classified as universal.

It is distinguished by the maximum density of the bristles, which makes the brush elastic, and this facilitates the process of applying the product. The rounded shape of the brush helps to achieve an aeromake-up effect.

Cailyn O!  Wow brush

The curved handle is a smart move! Thanks to her, the brush is very comfortable to use, it lies pleasantly in the hand. The cap is not for the sake of beauty, but to protect the lint from dust and dirt.

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Brush benefits

Brush for 1,800 rubles. beats off each ruble with the following indicators:

Ideally applies foundation with different types of coatings from the thickest to the lightest without the effect of a mask on the face.

Cailyn O!  Wow brush

It will tolerate any movement of the hand: right, left, down, up – in any position, the brush is capable of a perfectly even coating.

Cailyn O!  Wow brush

Perfectly shades the product without spots, streaks or bald spots.

Cailyn O!  Wow brush

It dries longer than a regular brush and requires washing overnight to delight you with perfectly applied makeup in the morning.

The disadvantage of the brush is that the pile is difficult to wash. Due to the fact that it is tightly drawn, it is very difficult for detergents to get close to the base of the pile. Therefore, I see only one way out: wash the brush immediately after use, before the product has time to settle.

All awards for the Cailyn O! Wow Brush – deserved! You can, of course, find analogues from other brands, but it’s still nice to use the one that is copied.