25 August 2021

Makeup with budget cosmetics

To show you how to do makeup with budget cosmetics, I needed some really budget shadows like Bronx Colors – Single Click Shadow.

Makeup with budget eye makeup depends not so much on the quality of the eyeshadows themselves, but on your skills. Alas, if expensive cosmetics were a guarantee of flawless make-up, then you could limit yourself to buying a Natasha Denona palette and the makeup of your dreams is ready!

And since it does not depend in any way on the cost of cosmetics, then eye makeup can be done with shadows for 250 rubles.

Makeup with budget cosmetics

Agree, it will be difficult to distinguish between budget makeup and non-budget makeup when you have the skills of shading eyeshadows. By the way, I talked about her in my blog more than once, so I do not recommend skipping the articles from the “Makeup Lessons” category.


How to do makeup with budget eye cosmetics

The whole emphasis is taken by the moving part of the eyelid with a central shade on it. If you are tired of boring daytime makeup – take any shade of light pearlescent eyeshadow and apply it with your finger or an applicator in the center of the eye. The makeup will not change dramatically, but the zest will appear.

Here it is obvious because of the chosen palette, your case depends on the colors that will surround it on the sides (outer and inner corners of the eye). The main thing is not to go to the center of the moving eyelid with a different shade, otherwise mud will turn out.

Makeup with budget cosmetics

Finally, my admonition to you: do this week eye makeup with one color accent in the center. How do you look at it?