25 August 2021

SIGIL inspired Tammy Tanuka Eye Shadow Makeup

Being the sister of a rainbow dragon is difficult. Too much attention, gazes and a desire to find out – what is it in front of her eyes? As you might have guessed, we are talking about SIGIL inspired Tammy Tanuka eyeshadow makeup.

In the very center, on the moving part of the century, Tammy Tanuka herself “lies” SIGIL inspired, namely “Sister of the Rainbow Dragon”. Read an overview on Tammy Tanuka eyeshadow here. Today I decided to remember how the shadows look on the eyes.


Makeup with eyeshadow SIGIL inspired Tammy Tanuka is always about a shimmering effect that is visible from afar.


Are all other shades of shadows, especially matte, lost with it? The feeling that they are serving the SIGIL inspired pigment, doing everything possible to show it in the best possible light. Therefore, everyone does not care what lies in the fold or on the lower eyelid, when there is it – Tammy Tanuka.

SIGIL inspired Tammy Tanuka Eye Shadow Makeup

The combination of all shades is my experiment. It is not every day that you find pink with a warm brown that goes into a red haze. Is there something in this, do you think?

But remember how to achieve a similar effect by rereading the article “How to apply pigments: methods and features”. Without additional manipulation, the “Sister of the Rainbow Dragon” will turn to dust.

SIGIL inspired Tammy Tanuka Eye Shadow Makeup

For this reason, many complain that “Tammi Tanuka” is different in life: not so shiny, iridescent, sparkling. Yes, if you apply pigments as you would regular eyeshadow.

If you don’t want to make an effort, you’d better not buy it. This is the very beauty that requires sacrifices in the form of time. And we always have little of it … But if you decide on makeup with eyeshadow SIGIL inspired Tammy Tanuka, then believe me, the result will exceed your expectations.