Smoky Ice Makeup for Dummies



I decided to write a useful article about Smokey Ice makeup for dummies, after reading which it will become clear to you what kind of technique it is.

How to do Smokey Ice makeup for dummies

Any Smokey Ice starts with a dark moving part of the eyelid.… Some apply black shadows, while others dark brown. It all depends on how rich you see your makeup. The lighter the palette, the softer the Smokey Ice and vice versa. If we talk about classic Smoky eyes, then it would be more accurate to use the palette that I used.

With a tapered brush tip, I gently paint over the crease of the eyelid. I do not take a fluffy brush right away, so as not to go far beyond the crease of the eyelid. Therefore, for beginners, I recommend not to skip this step and pay attention to the choice of brushes. On this topic I have a separate article “Smoky Eyes”.

All that remains afterwards is to blend the already applied brown shadows with a fluffy brush. Using a brush that is free of shadows, I can achieve a soft and smooth transition. Therefore, in this step, I do not paint shadows on the brush, but only tone down the previous color applied with another brush.

The lower eyeliner is a very important part of the Smokey Ice for dummies. Beginners overlook one small detail – the connection of the lower and upper eyelids. The corner where the shadows connect should be carefully painted over. If you do not do this, then you will not be able to set the desired shape for the eye: the lower and upper eyelids will be on their own.

The mucous membrane of the eyes is a mandatory stage in Smokey Ice, since it completes the whole image. If your eyeliner refuses to stick, use a gel liner instead.

Smokey ice makeup for dummies

What complicates Smokey Ice’s makeup for dummies is the use of matte textures.… But if you learn how to handle them from the very beginning, then you will not be afraid of any other textures.


The matte finish deepens the color and plunges the eye into something far away, where you can no longer control the time.

In short, all that hides behind matte Smokey Ice is a haze, from which pearlescent shadows, pigment or glitter do not distract. You focus on the main thing – shading the shadows.

Smokey ice makeup for dummies