Valerie-D face makeup brushes: review and photo


Valerie-D face makeup brushes

It always seems to me that out there somewhere there is a brush of my dreams – with a soft bristle “in perfect shape”. This is how I get new makeup brushes, for example, Valerie-D.

Valerie-D face makeup brushes are about the budget segment of brushes. Both a beginner and an experienced makeup artist can afford them. The quality allows you not to be ashamed of using them.

Valerie-D face makeup brushes

Valerie-D brush for cream textures 22M-3/8130 nylon / goat

Valerie-D face makeup brushes

The most frequently used brush in my work. My hand reaches for it every time I start applying tone. Therefore, I recommend her more than others.

The elongated torch shape may seem uncomfortable due to the loose lint, but it is not! She manages to cope with shading in a minimum amount of time, without leaving a trace of tone.

This is my first brush that barely absorbs the product! Do you hear, my thrifty ones? Nobody else will eat your base.)

How I work with a brush: first I apply the makeup base, and then the foundation with it. Many people are afraid to mix textures, although it is good for makeup.

Valerie-D brush for foundation 18M-3/8110 nylon / goat


The second is an analogue of the MAC 130 brush – Short Duo Fiber Brush, but cheaper and it captivates.

Climbs with enviable regularity, but not as critical as Mas Cosmetics. I forgive her this minus for an affordable price and continue to use it. Still, the mobility of the form is more important for me, and it consists in working out the nasolabial folds, the temporal region, the ears – in short, where the first hand “will not crawl through” in the literal sense.

Valerie-D brush for blush 22M-2220 squirrel

Valerie-D face makeup brushes

By working with the flat part of the brush, you can achieve perfectly blended blush. Very easy to use for a makeup artist and not very useful for an amateur. Many people prefer fluffy blush brushes rather than flat blush brushes as they require a different application technique.

There is a high probability of going beyond – apply blush just above or just below the zygomatic zone. But practice quickly corrects it and after a week you are inseparable from it.


Valerie-D’s face makeup brushes are certainly not the same level of brushes as Hakuhodo. Alas, they cannot replace brushes from a higher class.

Therefore, I would not consider them as a replacement for expensive brushes that justify their cost with the quality of the pile. If you approach the purchase soberly, without high expectations, then you will be satisfied with the brushes.

What kind of facial brushes do you have and why are they better than others?