25 August 2021

What to buy in Paris from cosmetics

We arrived in Paris at noon. The airport was greeted with a crowd of tourists. The pre-Christmas bustle – it is. It was compulsory to watch your step, passengers with dogs were everywhere. There was no time for affection with thoroughbred muzzles. Within 1.5 hours we were supposed to check into the apartment.

The tram is the most reliable transport from the airport to the city. Not at all in French, he shows his tongue to cars that are in traffic jams. And after each stop, it demonstratively picks up speed.

What awaited me in Paris for the third time? – you ask. Sightseeing places where the spirit of Christmas is hidden, and … shopping for cosmetics!


Lack of laziness helps us to visit all the fairs, enjoy pastries and long walks in the parks. 15 km a day saved me from gaining extra pounds.

Cosmetics stores were also a must. The time-tested Kiko Milano was filled to capacity. The limited edition Holiday Collection 2016 lay contentedly “sold out” in the company of dull basic products without testers.

Therefore, shopping turned out to be more than modest:

  • Mascara Kiko Glitter Top Coat Mascara struck down with a glitter clogged to the eyebrow.
  • Kiko Nourishing Perfection Cream Compact Foundation shade with “I am but no one sees me” hiding power.
  • Pencils-shadows Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows, with which we are old friends. Eternity is familiar …

What to buy in Paris from cosmetics

The second point on Google Maps was not marked. Here we happened to be. I wanted to remember what La Defense looks like. This area is considered the largest business center in Europe, which is why it is called “Parisian Manhattan”.

It turned out that he doesn’t look very good. Construction work prevented us from appreciating the charm of this area, that out of despair we looked into the local shopping center.

And then I discovered Nyx Cosmetics. I was surprised by the crowd of French women who obscured the shelves of matte lipsticks (they are very popular here). I was interested in the “everything for eye make-up” department. And here’s my catch:

  • I am in a difficult relationship with yellow pencils, I cannot find one that would meet my requirements. All hope for NYX Professional Makeup Full Throttle Shadow Stick.
  • I have known Nyx Cosmetics Vivid Brights Eyeliner for a long time, but due to its absence in St. Petersburg, I was forced to buy it here – in Paris.
  • The Super Glitter Roller Shadows are new this year. They said that Nyx Cosmetics Roll On Shimmer would not be in Russia, which made me want to buy them even more.

What to buy in Paris from cosmetics

Corner Make Up For Ever is the only store where I came on purpose. The fact is that the whole assortment is presented here: from basic products to the “PRO” line.

  • I was also interested in the novelty – Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powder and base pigments – Star Powder. In Russia there is neither one nor the other.

The rest I just looked at. To the suggestions of a consultant with stunning red arrows in front of his eyes – Can I show you this or this? – I only had time to answer “I have”.

By “I have” I meant similar products from other brands that I have, but my “perfect” English and her beautiful French did not allow us to explain.


The last destination is the Parisian Sephora. From there I left with my dirty hands, which could not resist the swatches.

There I saw the famous Too Faced brand and their best-selling chocolate bar – Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow. By the way, I still did not understand the delight. The palette seemed to me the most ordinary, without any peculiarities.

Nearby was the Marc Jacobs Beauty stand with expensive palettes with basic colors for every day.

Huda Beauty lipsticks with a very modest stand of 15 lipsticks and 5 pairs of eyelashes were lying nearby.

In general, I left there with an absolutely cold-blooded face, which did not express regret about the absence of these brands in Russia. Look – yes, interesting. Swatching – yes, curious. But I never had a desire to buy the floor of Sefora.

With our regular discounts in Russia, most brands are much cheaper. Therefore, the time when we first of all ran to the shops immediately after the plane landed is over. Or am I the only one who thinks so? If – yes, then answer me the question: what would you buy in Paris from cosmetics?