25 August 2021

Work as a make-up artist

Tell you the story of my friend Masha, whose friend Tonka decided one day to change her life and become a make-up artist. This story will reveal the cons of working as a make-up artist and show you where your dreams lead …


At the time of her planned and calm life, Tonka was Antonina Viktorovna. She worked in a prestigious office, typing on the latest MAC OS keyboard.

She was respected and appreciated by employees other than herself. She stopped noticing the positive aspects of her life, concentrating more and more on the negative ones. The walls of the office were squeezed by creative impulses, and the limited interests of colleagues: “How was your weekend? We were in Ikea, we bought in full! ” – drove her crazy. The lack of novelty was depressing …

Work as a make-up artist

Every day she became more and more unbearable. Her family did not understand the reasons for her bad mood, and attempts to find out what was the matter ended: “Yes, you get out of here!” And they left, leaving her alone with beauty sites, blogs, youtube, where creative and cheerful people watched from the monitor screens. Their life is certainly more interesting than her – Tonkina! She thought.


And the more she learned about each of them, the stronger the thought: “Working as a make-up artist is a life full of colors! Here it is, a replacement for my gray everyday life and a reason to declare myself to the whole world! “

Two months had to pass before Tonka decided to dismiss. She easily said goodbye to her colleagues and the stuffy office.

– I am a creative person, this kind of work is not for me. Here is my statement. – she said to the chief head of the department and left.


Make-up training

Nobody resented her leaving. A new Tonka will take her place and after six months no one will remember Antonina Viktorovna.

Meanwhile, Antonina frantically chooses a school of make-up, assembles a set of basic cosmetics and thinks about a creative future that is about to come!

Work as a make-up artist

“My hands are the hands of the artist, where the face is the canvas” – inspiring phrases sounded in her head.

The school was found, of course, far from home, but so cool that Pat McGrath herself would envy. But Tonka did not have time to get to know her yet, she is on the way to basic knowledge, and there is not a long way to improve her qualifications.

Weekly courses flew by, as one day, and our Tonka goes out as a make-up artist with a nickname on Instagram TonyaMakeup and shares in social networks about what it is like to be a beginner make-up artist.

New life

Work as a make-up artist

“That’s all! Now my work as a make-up artist will begin … ”- Tonka thought a week after leaving school. But nothing started. A month has passed, half a year, a year …

She counted on bright and creative everyday life, on a holiday work, allowing her to do whatever she wants. But clients limited her concept of creative freedom by allowing her light daytime makeup.

“Is that why I quit my job? I need creativity! Do you hear? Creative-honesty ”- shouted the inner artist Tonkin.

A year has passed since this crisis point, during which she found herself a photographer. on DFT terms and did several dozen works under the hashtag #creative_makeup. Relatives did not appreciate them, calling them “child’s daubs”, but Tonka did not lose heart, on the contrary, she began to feel like a real make-up artist. True, for this feeling I had to pay a considerable price – the lack of money.

Work as a make-up artist


– Creative is not paid, dear! One of the famous makeup artists told her.

– And how then to be? – Tonka muttered.

– Make money with weddings, in extreme cases with makeup for graduates. And get creative from time to time when commerce starts to choke! OK?

– Ok … – Tonka answered sadly and remembered about the office and gray everyday life. Now they turned out to be a bit grayer than these. And then longing for a vacation woke up, which was stable, like her past salary …

Work as a make-up artist

The reality of working as a makeup artist

Tonka stayed afloat for another year. After that, she realized that there would be no creativity every day. She is a routine both in the office and in the armchair of a make-up artist. And behind the beautiful photos on the Internet is a makeup artist who gives master classes every day, makes wedding make-ups and from time to time creative, so as not to strangle …

And our Tonka returned to the office and continues to read my blog, as Masha told me in secret. But now she looks at the work of a makeup artist in a different way, with a full understanding of what the real price is behind all this …


Until now, I receive letters from aspiring makeup artists who follow the same path in search of creative happiness without seeing the real picture. No, this does not mean that no one else needs to become makeup artists and live in eternal fear that nothing will work out.


On the contrary, this story is confirmation that you need to go into this profession, but with different thoughts. You must understand what awaits you in reality, without feeling how fun and great it is to work as a makeup artist. And before you open a new door, make sure that nothing is left behind the old one.

Work as a make-up artist

That’s all for me. Anyone who has finished reading can share their opinion on whether you quit your previous job for the sake of your dreams? How did your story end? And how do you see the work of a makeup artist?