Worst celebrity hairstyles and makeup at the 2017 Grammy Awards



The 2017 Grammy is about endless outbursts and hysterical screams of the paparazzi – Jay, look at me! No, here! I’m here!

And here it is – the frame. In a couple of hours it will be taken apart into pieces and only a half-smile will remain from Jay, which no one will care about.

But there is a matter of Rose-McGowan makeup.

You must remember her from Charmed


Well this is how you have to be sure to want such a hairstyle, such Smokey ice and such lips against the background of Snow White’s tone. In a word – trash.

The makeup artist agreed to portray this on one condition – I was not here, you hear! Don’t tell anyone who your make-up was. Otherwise, I’ll come and strangle you with gold, like the most perverted killer makeup artist. She was so frightened by his monologue that for a while she had to strengthen the security.

This year, Katy Perry was left without eyelashes to her eyebrows. With fights in the dressing room, they were taken by Maren Leray Morris.


– Katie, you won’t have a grammy this year, let me pull in your eyelashes, and then I’ll give them back to you! I swear those!

No dialogue happened. Until recently, Catty did not want to share her stock of false eyelashes and only a contract with Cover Girl prevented her from doing this, because the brand “bought” her face for the next year, which saved Catty from being included in the list of “Worst Star Makeup at the Grammy-2017”.

At that moment Paris-Jackson was spying on them.


She did not pretend to be surprised by the ensuing fight. The eyebrows did it instead. There is no place for shadows here – she said from the doorway of the dressing room. Only the eyebrows. The makeup artist did not argue, but simply copied them from Cara Delevingne.

Who had no one to argue with was Leah Michele.


She knew exactly what the eye makeup, cheekbone makeup, lip makeup would be. She did not want to “add up” all the components of the image. She thought in little chunks, causing her makeup to fall apart.

The make-up artist could only silently fulfill her requirements, and any attempts to give advice were nipped in the bud – Darling, I know my face better, don’t even argue with me! She did not argue, but quietly prayed that no one would find out about her work with Lia Michele, because they would blame her for everything – the makeup artist.

But the star of this evening was destined to be Andre Dey.


How she dreamed at least once in her life to put on a prom dress, make a high pile and make up herself. She was allowed absolutely everything. She was so happy that she was afraid to show it.

Severity is the best facial expression to hide true feelings. Accompanied by him, she took to the red carpet. True, none of the paparazzi called her until she defiantly stood in front of the lens of one of them. I had to take a picture. Once. No duplicates.

It should be noted that the 2017 Grammy turned out to be infertile for the worst makeup of the stars. They say that makeup artists have become more demanding and, it seems, in a year or two I will have no one to write about … And since I am for the beauty of Hollywood divas, I will only be happy for them!