15 facts about me: truth or deception


15 facts about me

April Fool’s Day, kind of like, joking through deception? But I do not like to deceive, but it is easy to mislead! Here are my 15 facts about me, where you have to guess what is true and what is cheating.

1. The launch of decorative cosmetics on my behalf will take place soon.

2. I finished a cool make-up course, after which I became a great make-up artist.

3. I have been married for 10 years.

4. I decided to stop going to the USA for IMATS and The Makeup Show. Tired of it already!

5. Beauty shots are about me.

6. I wrote a review for the cream for 6.500, after which the brand refused to cooperate with me.

7. I can cook deliciously.

8. I am a sound engineer by education.

9. I can’t imagine my life without a beautician.

10. Checking the version of “The harm of moisturizing face cream”, giving it up for a whole month!

11. I have disassembled the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette for refills. Three refills were broken in the process.

12. I had my hair cut like a boy and I still won’t dare to show you a new hairstyle.

13. Russian Post is the best shipping method for me! * most funny).

14. I threw away a couple of Hakuhodo’s brushes.

15. In the near future I am moving to another country.

Tomorrow I will publish an article with answers, but for now I am listening to your guesses about 15 facts about me! What points do you doubt the most?