Clarins Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow



Still wearing a coat and still don’t know what summer 2016 will be like? But Clarins knows – confidently waterproof. These are Clarins Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow.

The Clarins Summer 2016 collection consists not only of eyeshadows, but also of lip oil, which is a basic product, which is why I did not quite understand its presence in the collection. Apparently they decided in this way to remind of its existence, which remains for me to remind you of the review for Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

I have Clarins Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow in two shades: Copper Brown and Silver Taupe. I don’t wear them in tandem, only separately. Too they are from different palettes – warm and cold.

Clarins Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow

Clarins Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow is beautifully pigmented and the colors are the most summer. “Wearing” pearlescent shadows in the summer is the very thing! After all, his element is the sun, it is with him that he feels 100%. Therefore, do not deny yourself pearlescent shadows in the summer.

Clarins Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow

Shadows are persistent, even too much. Requires special. liquid for removing waterproof makeup. Without it, it will not work at all.

Clarins Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow

They hold on as if nailed and do not disappear by the end of the day. But. For saturation, you will have to layer the color, since when shading it loses its pigment and the shadows become translucent. I don’t like that.

  • But if the consistency was a little denser, like on a swatch, it would make them very good. cool. And so unnecessary manipulations, time and patience.

Although my “denser” will seem excessive to some, so watch Clarins Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow live, swatch and make a decision like an adult!)

I am everything. What do you say, do you always require 100% color return from shadows, or do you prefer shadows with a hint of such? Confess).