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Everyone wants a change. No matter where and no matter what, the main thing is that they are. I regularly rearrange my desk and room. There is a need for this. Always and in everything. She also appeared at the Make Up Store cosmetics.

Cosmetics Make Up Store

For a year now, Make Up Stores have been changing the design of their products. If before the dry eyeliner Make Up Store Cake Eyeliner was in a round washer, today it is in a square one. And these changes are for the better. It is more convenient to work with eyeliner when it lies on one surface, and not in depth. This is important especially if the product starts to run out.

Cosmetics Make Up Store

Dry eyeliner

I still hesitated to try Make Up Store Cake Eyeliner – Brown. I was afraid of her weak pigmentation and for good reason. It does give a subtle line that is difficult to see. Therefore, you need a special liquid that will enhance the color of the eyeliner. Without it, it looks as if the arrow is drawn with shadows.

Make Up Store Cake Eyeliner - Brown

With the black dry eyeliner Make Up Store Cake Eyeliner – Black, no changes have happened, except for the packaging. I continue to use it every day.

By the way, with it you can draw a stencil of the future arrow, and then apply a gel or other liquid eyeliner on top. This is very convenient for those who are just learning how to draw arrows.

Cosmetics Make Up Store

Make Up Store Eyeliner Brush

No matter how many makeup artists brag about their ability to do makeup with their hands and fingers, no one can draw arrows without a brush.

The Make Up Store has one and it’s called the # 700 Eyeliner Brush. I noticed it a long time ago, I really love synthetic pile.


Synthetic hairs behave well in the process, combining into one whole. Not a single hair sticks out of the total mass, which does not interfere with drawing clear and even arrows. This affects the brushes made of natural hair, which over time begin to stick out in different directions.

Cosmetics Make Up Store

The design and layout of all the Make up Store brushes still amazes me. Each brush lies in its own case, where I, but this is just between us, keep more expensive brushes, for example, the SUQQU Cheek Brush.


Eyeshadow Make Up Store

And the last thing that recently appeared in my work case is the Make Up Store Microshadow Monochrome shadow.

Cosmetics Make Up Store

Stunning gray, by the way, is a novelty that can be used to paint smoky eye makeup without using black and saturated shades.


Cosmetics Make Up Store

A similar shade is found in other brands, but such as this one is a rarity: fine grinding, perfectly steamed and highly pigmented.

Cosmetics Make Up Store

After working with such shadows, you want to get absolutely all other colors …


So I went through the basic makeup products of the Make up Store, which will never become limited, which allows me to leave the position of “beauty hunter”, puzzled by the search for the remnants of the collection.

What can you say about the change in the design of Make Up Stor cosmetics: yes, I like it or was the last one better?