Face charts for makeup as art: Sergey X @ milk1422


The article “Face Charts for Makeup as Art” was born immediately after I found out about the existence of the @ milk1422 profile, behind which is a real artist!

Makeup face charts

Sergey’s works struck me with inexhaustible imagination, unique style and amazing delicate work … Looking at one face chart after another, I had questions that I could not leave unanswered. Then I decided to write to Sergius and confess my love for his work.

So, the idea of ​​this interview was born, to which Sergey agreed, for which I am very grateful to him!

Makeup face charts

– Sergey, where were you until 2015?) What did you work or what did you do before you became a makeup artist?

– Until 2015, what did I do …. I worked as a waiter, and as a real estate agent, and even spent the Internet … But I always drew. I came to visage quite by accident. At one time I was painting strippers in one of the nightclubs, and it so happened that I tried to do them makeup. So, from a bodypainting artist, I became a make-up artist. But I didn’t take it seriously and never thought it would become my profession.

Makeup face charts

– When did the turning point occur and you realized your creative self? In childhood or relatively recently?

– Drawing since childhood, I did not think – this is my vocation. And my parents thought that I was drawing some kind of nonsense). In their opinion, real artists paint landscapes, still lifes, realistic portraits. I drew something incomprehensible, strange … I drew and did not show it to anyone. There was even a period when I did not take a brush in my hands for 5 years!

Makeup face charts

– Did you understand the seriousness of what you started when thousands of people fell in love with your unique style?

– Of course I didn’t, and I still don’t understand, to be honest. I just took a chance one day and posted everything that I really like on the net. It’s like a dream to me. Of course, I’m incredibly happy that so many people like my work!

Makeup face charts

– What influenced the style of your face charts? And why exactly face charts?

– I find it difficult to answer: in what style do I paint? This is what is inside me. As for the face charts, why exactly they are, then at one of the trainings of a cosmetic company we were given the task: to create an account on Instagram and upload our work there. I thought for a long time and in December 2015 I created the @ milk1422 account with the feeling that I wasn’t!) First, I set the standard face charts and only then those that I kept in myself for so long. It was a shock for me that so many people liked them. It still scares me, to be honest).

Makeup face charts

– How long does it take to create one sketch?

– In different ways, from one hour to several … It all depends on the mood and the image that I want to paint.

Face Chart Sergey X milk1422

– Your work is challenging and every second makeup artist accepts it, considering it necessary to do makeup according to your face chart. How do you feel about this?

– I had an incredible feeling when I saw the first makeup done on my face chart! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was amazing … I really love my subscribers and everything I do is for them!

Face Chart Sergey X milk1422

– How many gigabytes of fantasy are in your head to draw more and more face charts every day? Well, at least roughly?)

“Haha, I don’t know that. As long as all these images live in my head, I will embody them on a piece of paper. For me, each face-chart is my child with its own character, traits, peculiarities … Each long-awaited and beloved one. And how many more there will be, I cannot say. Sometimes it seems that here it is – the last one. But as soon as a new day begins, I feel that there will be a new face chart, a new “baby”).

Makeup face charts

– How do your colleagues relate to your success?

– They are happy for me and support me in every possible way, for which many thanks to them!

Face Chart Sergey X milk1422

– What are your plans for the next year, maybe the world’s first book of face charts?

– Thank you, Olya for a great idea! I would love to publish a book. Let’s see … As for the plans, there are no specific ones. But one thing I know for sure – more than anything in the world I love to draw and will continue to do so!

Makeup face charts

– Finish this interview as you want and write what you have long wanted to say to your subscribers (wishes, instructions) or to yourself (conclusions, beliefs).

– I want to thank my subscribers for their support! I really feel it, which gives me incredible strength to create! I hope to continue to delight you with my works, new ideas and their implementation. But between us I will say: if I had the opportunity not to leave my workshop, then I would only be engaged in drawing, painting, painting …

Face Chart Sergey X milk1422

All face charts are drawn by Sergey X milk1422

I hope this interview will be seen not only by you – the readers, but also by those who will one day tell Sergey: let’s print a book with your face charts! And I will be among the first to buy it. And you? Buy your first inspiration book? A negative answer is not accepted!)