GlamourBag # 3 – beauty box reviews and photos


Want to see the spring lineup of GlamourBag # 3 March? Well, or at least pretend what you want).

BB cream Garnier “The Secret of Perfection”

GlamourBag # 3 March

This copy was already in one of the issues, which I never had time to try. Therefore, it will have to be given, because I am not one of those “all that is, all mine”.

Cruise collection NailLook – New Nautical


NailLook varnishes are one of the decent ones when it comes to mass market. Here are just the smell, from which sometimes my head hurts confuses. Is it just me?

GOSH Lip Oil

GlamourBag # 3 March

I like to use lip oils even in the warm season. The habit of biting lips disappears for at least a couple of hours. And this is already good).

Bourjois Sweet kiss-gloss lip gloss

Lip gloss

In music school, I loved to use lip gloss, but my Music liter teacher did not. This became clear to me at the very first test, after which I reconsidered my attitude to the glitter of the Bourgeois).

Le Petit Marseillais Shampoo for fine hair Volume and Shine “Three-color extract and Grapefruit”

GlamourBag # 3 March

A balm-free shampoo is not a shampoo. Well, I cannot use one shampoo and then tear my hair with a comb, which is not to blame for anything. Therefore, my slogan “hair balm, because I deserve it” is very useful.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Hair Repair Serum


A hair serum is needed when the hair is dyed, depleted, split ends and blah blah blah … I have neither one nor the other, so “just in case” I never use such things. And you?

Dove shower cream-gel “Embrace of tenderness”

GlamourBag # 3 March

Here is a cream – gel from Dove will never be superfluous. I don’t see much difference between mass market and luxury, except that the former are less concentrated and they have to be used a little more in quantity than luxury.

Collagen mask Vilenta Lifting and moisturizing


I love face masks, I use them and I see little, but the result. In general, I reconsidered my departure, which I will tell you about in the near future.

Well, what can you say about GlamourBag # 3 March, what did you like and what did not?