How to learn to apply brown eyeshadow step by step


Surely you wondered: how to learn how to apply brown eyeshadow? After all, this is the most popular palette for daytime eye makeup.

Today I will show you one of those makeup options, with which the look will become more expressive and the color of the eyes will be deeper.

How to learn to apply brown eyeshadow step by step

Brown eyeshadows are one of the easiest eyeshadows to work with and do not require professional makeup artist skills. A beginner can handle them.

Your task is to understand the sequence of actions and decide on the palette. I used the budget Sleek MakeUp I-Divine Au naturel Palette. As you can see, it is not at all necessary to buy luxury shadows to repeat what you see. All the power of makeup is in the application technique!

How to learn to apply brown eyeshadow

  • If I see pearlescent brown shadows in the palette, then immediately understanding its location is the movable part of the eye. I put them on a motionless eyelid – I will emphasize the skin relief.
  • I paint over the crease of the eyelid with light brown eyeshadow to create the base for the next more saturated color. Remember this life hack – use light shadows as a base.
  • I deepen the color in the crease of the eyelid due to the dark brown tint.
  • I bring the bottom.
  • I draw an arrow with liquid eyeliner “Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Trooper”

How to learn to apply brown eyeshadow step by step

To learn how to apply not only brown eyeshadow, but any other, you should follow the following tips.

  • Feathering shadows. To achieve smooth transitions, start with lighter shades of shadows. This will make it much easier for you than starting your makeup with dark colors.
  • Working with a brush. Be sure to watch the pressure on the brush. Don’t press or trample on the shadow when it comes to shading. Take the tip of the brush and blend the shadows with light strokes.

When you master this technique, then after you will not be so important to the sequence. You will be able to change places of action and the quality of the make-up will not be affected by this. In the meantime, we are trying to translate my advice into reality, so that later write to me in the comments: Ol, I did it!