In search of the perfect cosmetics: TOP 5 products


In search of the perfect cosmetics

For many years now I have been in search of the perfect cosmetics, that I even learned how to get pleasure from this process. During this time, I managed to acquire some information, which, perhaps, will help you if you are in search of the perfect cosmetics.

Nude lipstick

In search of the perfect cosmetics

It so happened that the nude color of lipstick worries millions of women! The reason for its popularity lies in its versatile shade. He does not require attention to himself, it is comfortable and just good with him. A win-win.

Problem: Due to the lack of color pigment overlapping the natural lip color, nude lipstick emphasizes the skin profile, penetrating into the wrinkles and folds of the lips.

What to look for about search: per color. Most nude lipsticks go either in pink or warm brown. Decide on one of them and opt for a pigmented lipstick with a specific undertone. Choosing a lipstick color “foundation”, you will not be able to avoid the problems that I wrote about above.

Sculpting blush

  Sculpting blush

Everyone dreams of beautiful and high cheekbones. With age, it is even stronger, because due to competent sculpting of the face, you can visually raise the cheekbones in order to achieve a lifting effect without the intervention of surgeons. All this forces one to search for the ideal sculptor.

Problem: Find the right shade for contouring that matches your skin tone. The second problem is texture. Some sculptors highlight the unevenness of the skin’s relief, if any.

What to look for about search: for color and texture. It does not have to be a taupe or warm sculptor bordering on the color of the bronzer. It all depends on your skin tone. For some, taupe is the perfect shade, for others it is a “dirty” color.

Many sculptors emphasize the relief of the skin, highlighting and highlighting them with their color. If you are faced with something like this, then go over the problem areas with colorless powder. It will smooth out the relief by creating a blush base. But if these are pronounced flaws, then go for creamy, not dry textures.


In search of the perfect cosmetics

There are never too many carcasses. And there is always a chance to find among them the one that can perform all the publicity stunts!

Problem: find mascara for thin, thin eyelashes, which would:

  • did not glue, but gave volume
  • lengthened, but at the same time would twist

Note that we don’t want that much, but most brands fail to complete even 50% of what they want.

What to look for about search: on the brush. All parameters depend only on it. If you find one in a suite, then you can always find an analogue in the mass market. There are not as many radically different brushes as you think. I described this in detail in the article “Types of brushes: how to choose mascara”.

Stalwart kayal

  Stalwart kayal

Everyone wants to find a universal kayal, especially makeup artists. I wanted to apply it as a substrate, I wanted it on the mucous eyes!

Problem: find persistent kayal.

What to look for about search: on waterproof eyeliners. But with them you won’t be able to draw slowly and with pleasure. The speed of movement when shading should be doubled. Otherwise, the pencil will freeze, leaving borders, which at the next stage – applying shadows – will not go anywhere. The second option is a gel liner. The only kind of long-lasting product for the water line that does not disappear for hours.

Perfect foundation

In search of the perfect cosmetics

Nothing matters more than the right tone.

Problem: find tone by type of skin. As I said, it is high time for cosmetics brands to divide the basics by skin type. They have already done this, creating for each shade its own tone number, and some letters that denote a specific skin tone. Why not do the same for the skin type ?!

What to look for about search: to the composition. Water-based foundations are ideal for dry skin. Matte foundations work well for oily. I described all types in detail in this article.

We are all in search of the perfect cosmetics, and these are just the most common products that haunt us. How often are you in search of the perfect cosmetics?