26 August 2021


The other day I returned from a less popular city like Paris or Milan, but no less beautiful Budapest. Do you want to hear and see Budapest the way I saw it?

After several years of traveling, I came to a very simple and obvious conclusion: you need to feel cities!


Do not walk at a brisk tourist pace, do not run into the first cafe that comes across and do not look at the sights with crazy eyes. All this deprives the fullness and depth of feelings.


The regularity of the step helps to see what takes a quick step, a calm look awakens a feeling – observation, and free time allows you to absorb the events happening around you.


Here’s an example. It was in Vienna. Not a tourist cafe in a non-tourist place. We order coffee and cakes. We are waiting for the order. A very nice elderly couple is sitting next to them: a husband in a perfectly fitting suit and a wife in a stylish dress with large pearls around the neck.

The conversation began with “Where are you from?” And ended with a story about the war, Leningrad, Poland and a prisoner of war. Half of the story was in German, but in the eyes full of sadness and sadness, one could read how difficult and difficult this time was for both of them. After an hour of conversation, we embraced like family, wished all the best and continued our non-tourist route.

Is this not a meeting, for the sake of which it is worth slowing down, choosing a cafe where only “friends” and talking to a pleasant elderly couple.

Attractions in Budapest

Of all the sights of Budapest, the Danube struck me. Wide, overflowing as if he was deciding how wide he should be. It is an incredible feeling of spaciousness during the day, and a great view at night.


Yes, one more “tourist” conclusion: have time to look at the city at different times of the day.

Be sure to catch the golden hour, as photographers call it: the time when the sun went down, but complete darkness has not yet come.


Do not forget to visit the panoramic sites not for the sake of selfies, but for the sake of changing the picture, when the lights turn on and the city radically changes its appearance. I take it as a gift …, sincere and beautiful, when the city asks for nothing in return, but only your loving gaze.


Do not be afraid to put on a couple of kg and allow you to feel the taste of local cuisine. Because Hungarian cuisine is the finest I’ve ever tasted.

A cafe

You don’t have to visit Michelin restaurants to do this, you can enjoy the most ordinary and unremarkable restaurant.

A restaurant

Here you will be able to feel the taste of the most real Italian pizza on an insanely thin dough with cheese melting on it.


You can taste the most delicious pasta. Here they are prepared in small batches so that they do not lose their freshness and retain the tenderness of the cream, watching the cooking process, which is not hidden from the tourist’s eyes.


Famous Hungarian cuisine that awakens all taste receptors …


By the way, these are two plates for one person!


Do not forget to try the ice cream, which immediately melts and stains the skirt (hello instagram)

Ice cream

As you can see, the stomach will have to work actively and only have time to receive pleasure. Do not deny him this. In just a few days you will be chewing your buckwheat with meat and drinking tea with lemon.

In general, we go to Hungary for the kitchen and tell everyone about it from a working telephone booth.


By the way, this is how unexpectedly you can find your magazine in the hands of a monument. Suddenly, huh?)


Shopping in Budapest


I say to him an unequivocal “no”. Yes, there is a fashion street here, where brand stores will greet your wallets with great desire. But not more. The choice of cosmetics is scarce, as in all similar countries (Poland, Czech Republic) where you need to go exclusively for impressions.


In St. Petersburg, prices are much lower, because we are pampered with discounts, and the choice has been wider and more varied for two years now. Therefore, I do not recommend going here only for cosmetics.


General impressions

Positive, if there were a small number of beggars and homeless people. Whoever complains about them in Paris has not been to Budapest. They are everywhere and everywhere.

But the whole bitterness lies in something else: when you see how 18-year-old boys are homeless, and young girls begging. This is an unpleasant residue that remains and it is impossible to forget about it. But the residents themselves are to blame for this, who always get their wallets as soon as you ask them. They give them generously for the next … I don’t know what. It shocked me more than the very fact of their existence.


But I am a positive person and I do not want to end the story on this note. Therefore, I will show you a couple of videos that I posted on Instagram for fun, no more. Later, one of the subscribers formulated a name that accurately describes the essence of what is happening “Notes of a Mad Guide”).

For example, your accompanying guide will teach you how to take a photo at the viewing platforms.

A little angry guide, because he, and therefore you tourists, were not allowed into Parliament.

Like a guide showing off a rented car that is about to fall apart.

In order not to tire you with the number of videos here, welcome to my Instagram, there you will see other, no less intense excursions from the local fair, from the museum of modern art and just tourist walks around Budapest with stories about the life of the locals.

I hope the article did not tire and seemed interesting, because for me this city has become something more than just a point on a geographical map.

What can you say about Budapest, have you been there or are you planning? Would you like to spend one day with a crazy guide?)