26 August 2021

Kiehl's face masks

Here is an adapted excerpt from the song: “I love that the Kiehl’s face masks are not sick of me, I love that I am not sick with them.”

Kiehl’s face masks are being talked about everywhere that it’s time for me to speak up!

Kiehl’s Pollutant Defending Masque

Kiehl's face masks

  • The green jar contains Chinese parsley, quinoa husk extract, and bitter orange – all those who know how to protect the skin from external factors! But is it?

The first time you apply it, it feels like Kiehl’s face mask envelops every ml of your face, leaving no area unattended. You like it, you look forward to her action.

Kiehl's face masks

But the feeling of stickiness does not leave. And it must leave, a pillow against such contact. The mask with which you need to sleep should not be sticky. But Kiehl’s says: either you sleep with her or you don’t! I’m afraid. What if an allergy? But I had to “sleep” with her overnight, and then … wash it off. And here’s the fun part.


To get rid of it will take a lot of water, a lot. If I lived in Europe, I have no idea how the water bill would come. Plus patience. It should clearly be Sunday morning, not Monday. Otherwise, you will have to tell the management about the night you spent with Kiehl’s and how you could not part with the mask in the morning. Do you need it?

The bottom line: The result is evident on my dry skin, which is even drier. I think we didn’t agree on the types and it would be better for Kiehl’s to warn about this incompatibility on the packaging, instead of “suitable for all skin types”.

So, I reduced the number of our meetings with Kiehl’s face mask to a minimum and still remained unhappy with the result. I didn’t see him. The feeling of heaviness from the mask on my face did not leave me. Sleeping with her is uncomfortable. Perhaps another type of skin will appreciate it, turning a blind eye to the cons, but not mine.

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

Kiehl's face masks

The next Kiehl’s face mask is more pleasant in color, and the smell suggests that somewhere in the tropics there is a fruit with exactly the same aroma and can be eaten. But the mask is not allowed. Bones tempts me to try, but I hold on.


Here, the consistency is similar, but the peeling effect is noticeable due to the seeds. True, they also become an obstacle when you wash off the mask. They enjoy staying on the skin so much that they do not want to leave their new “house” in the form of my face. But I wash … I wash … and each time there are fewer of them.

Kiehl's face masks

  • As a result, the skin is smooth, not a single peel, soft, like a child’s, but not radiant, since I have a dry skin type and generally don’t know how to shine without special ones. decorative means. In general, the skin was satisfied and asked to apply the mask after 3-4 days. On this and agreed.

According to the review, it is clear to which color of the can my hand reaches once a week. And how are you doing with Kiehl’s face masks, what have you tried and as a result! I want to hear your opinion).