Limited L’Occitane Box – review


  L'Occitane Box

Allure Box decided to collect the bestsellers of the L’Occitane brand in one “L’Occitane Box”, thus celebrating their 40th anniversary!

I had one thing – to try the bestsellers of the L’Occitane brand. And not for self-awareness, like, look what I have, but to be sure. Make sure of their quality. More often than not, I rate bestsellers positively and my head nods understandingly after another test. But this is not always the case.


Limited L’Occitane Box

  L'Occitane Box

L’occitane Almond Shower Oil

  L'Occitane Box

Exactly three years have passed since the moment when I found out that Almond oil is the best oil for the body, but I did not dare to buy. And having bought it, I recognized its capabilities and “registered” it in my bathroom. There was even a review that can be read here.


L’Occitane Soap with Shea Butter

  L'Occitane Box

Soap is a dubious thing when it costs more than 300 rubles. The main thing is not to dry. Smell? Yes, it is important to me, or rather its weathering 5 minutes after washing. When the perfume is felt before the next wash, it annoys me. I didn’t see anything like that with this: a light aroma and, of course, a branded “Loksitanovskiy” care, where can we go without it?)


L’occitane Revitalizing Shampoo “Aromacology”

  L'Occitane Box

This particular shampoo did not suit me or my hair. I gave it to my husband, and after a while he developed dandruff. He was unhappy and I was upset. I had to get rid of him. Not from her husband, of course, but from shampoo. By the way, are there any other “lucky ones” among you like us?


L’occitane Verbena Bath & Shower Gel and Body Milk

  L'Occitane Box

I already had milk and shower gel and ran out long ago. Read a detailed review of the Verbena collection here.

L’Occitane Shea Foot Cream

  L'Occitane Box

I can’t live without foot cream! The feeling that dry and useless heels are pursuing until I take and smear them with a thick layer, so that they certainly feel my love and care.


L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream

  L'Occitane Box

Shea hand cream is a celebrity herself. Legends of superpowers have long been confirmed by active users, including me. Everything is so obvious that it makes no sense to write about 100% hydration and nutrition. Read a review of the cream here.


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It’s a pity that the limited L’Occitane Box did not appear earlier, that way 3-4 years ago, when I walked around the bush and did not dare to buy soap for 400 rubles and butter for 1600 rubles.

Now you have such an opportunity – to try the brand’s bestsellers in a mini-format.