26 August 2021


From year to year, absolutely all bridesmaids are wondering how to make up for a wedding for a bridesmaid. I’m telling …

I decided to show the classic version of the bridesmaid makeup, which is not much different from the wedding one. For example, persistence. You have a long day ahead of you, and so does the bride.

  • For this reason, it is very common for bridesmaids to turn to their makeup artist for help due to the lack of persistent products in the cosmetic bag.

True, some of the bridesmaids have so much makeup that the makeup artist himself can envy. For these, I will show the classic version of the wedding makeup for the bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid makeup

It is so classic that some of you will get bored and you tell me right now – goodbye! But better not, because such options are ideal for daytime and even evening eye makeup.

I used the Lorac PRO Palette and used nude shades of eyeshadow. The lightest mother-of-pearl is in the center, and the rest are matte brown colors. They can be found in any palette for every day – from mass market to luxury. Therefore, you will not have any difficulties with repeating this makeup.

How to do bridesmaid makeup yourself

Bridesmaid makeup

By the way, an attentive reader will see that at one of the steps the arrow is faded, and in the photo with the finished makeup it is saturated. No, this is not photoshop, but the very method that I told you about. here For more information, see the Make Up Store Cake Eyeliner review.

You can do the same with the eyeliner – draw an arrow to serve as a stencil. I used Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Trooper. She does not forgive mistakes, so she first made a sketch, and then fixed the result with eyeliner.


Who wants to see the bridesmaid’s makeup as close as possible, I show it.

Bridesmaid makeup

Hope I was convincing and you are ready to redo the bridesmaid makeup. And if there are any doubts “I just can’t do it,” let’s find out why? Only if you’ve already tried it).