26 August 2021

Mascara Holika Holika Transformer Mascara

I urgently need to tell you about the new invention of the Koreans who created the Holika Holika Transformer Mascara.

Description Holika Holika Transformer Mascara

The uniqueness of the mascara is not in the contents, everything is as usual there – a liquid black mass enveloping one eyelash after another. Well, yes, it is polymer and everything that makes the washing process easier: warm water and makeup remover rolls mascara without staining the skin around the eyes.

The packaging is the most commonplace: with the manufacturer’s inscription and the name.

Mascara Holika Holika Transformer Mascara

So what is the uniqueness of Holika Holika Transformer Mascara. In a brush that changes its shape when you turn the cap! How! At first, it is straight and even, and when turning, it is curved and 2 times smaller.

Mascara Holika Holika Transformer Mascara

That is, having Holika Holika Transformer Mascara you have two mascaras in your pocket at once.

I AM already told you: we pay not for the consistency, but for the shape and design of the brush, which the manufacturers are working on. This is the very case when they did a great job. The result is mascara with two brushes in one.


The only snag for me and for those who are not suitable for plastic silicone brushes, they will feel how it sticks together thin and rare eyelashes.

Solution: wait for the manufacturer to release a similar mascara from a different material. Then there will be a holiday on our street!

Mascara Holika Holika Transformer Mascara

Does the brush work for lengthening and volume? Yes, but no wow effect. You must understand that mascara does not work miracles, unlike its cap.

  • But nevertheless, it works better than conventional brushes, which create one thing: either volume or elongation. Yes, there are those who do everything at once, but the shape of one brush cannot give the same result as two.

Remover for removing ink prints for staining

Another useful thing that Holika Holika came up with is a remover for removing blots that sometimes mascara leaves when dyeing eyelashes.


Does it really work? Yes. You run it instead of a cotton swab, which likes to smear, not remove mascara. It leaves behind an oily layer, which I remove with a cotton swab. This is due to the fact that in the mascara there are all sorts of useful things that care for the skin.


True, her abilities are manifested only when removing fresh stains, and not dried ones, there she behaves like a “bad cop” – she pretends that she is doing something, but in fact she does nothing.

This was the end of the urgent story. I’m listening to your opinion on Holika Holika Transformer Mascara. Do you think there is a need for two reshaping brushes or can you get by with one?