Met Gala 2016: worst celebrity makeup


Met Gala 2016

Did you know that Met Gala 2016 is an event that is no less than the scale of the Oscar. The same stars and the same makeup artists with blatant makeup mistakes. If now the eyes of a perfectionist are looking at this screen, please step back, continue living with the illusion that Hollywood makeup artists are the best in the world!

Worst celebrity makeup at Met Gala 2016


Met Gala 2016

Whole vans with duct tape were parked outside the building where the stars’ dressing rooms were.

And the first one who ran up to the next box with scotch tape was Jeremy. It was he who was Beyoncé’s makeup artist. He’s kind of … a novice master, he is about 18 years old, but he already had such a quality as chatting up a star and imperceptibly dissuading her from smooth shading.

  • – Beyoncé, look here. Here is the scotch tape, here is your eye and I … I will take it and, as it were, well … I will stick it on or something, but you can be sure that it should be so. I saw how I do it there, on instagram. You can also take a spoon if suddenly the tape breaks. OK? In short, come on, sit, I’m starting.

And before he could start, he had already finished. Well, OK. Let it be so. We will forgive the clear lines that can be drawn on set for the look, but not for the ceremony and evening dress. But his chosen color leaves much to be desired … Thanks to him, in most of the pictures, Beyoncé, although she looks slender, is strangely ugly.

Kristen stewart

  Worst star makeup

This whole thing was noticed by another master-marker-make-up artist, who decided to borrow scotch tape from Jeremy and did the same. But so that it does not look like plagiarism, he chose other shades and shapes.

Also imperceptibly, like Jeremy, he told Christie that she would be the star of the red carpet and that she had every chance to outshine not only Beyonce, but also the queen of pop music herself. By the way about her.


Met Gala 2016

The only one who said no to Scotch was Madonna. Maybe she would like this, but the plasticity of the face does not allow her to glue and peel off everything that can lead to disastrous results.

And yes, her makeup artist was a humble Michael, who was afraid of aging skin, but even more eye makeup.

  • – Donna, come on, that eye makeup. Has he surrendered to you? Are you sure you want Christy’s triangles? Here I am not. Let me paint the eyelashes and add some beige eyeshadow. I can do it. Well, let your lips be red ”.

She nodded silently and said nothing more. But in vain. Lost in the background, the eyes look tired and sleepy. Donna, don’t let yourself get kicked out when it comes to makeup.

Katy perry

  Worst star makeup

Catty’s makeup artist turned out to be a fan of the movie Maleficent, which can be clearly seen in his tastes.

Feel the coldness that comes from Katie herself. It’s all the influence of Jeremie the makeup artist. As a child, he hated the image of princesses, he was always attracted by negative heroines. He worshiped them not only in life, but also at work. Want to hear how he hypnotized Catty?

  • – Dear Catty, if you stepped over the threshold of my dressing room, you are no longer cute, but a nasty and evil aunt, whose image will be discussed for many weeks! Are you ready to go into the world of darkness, where dark green lips and blue eyelashes reign? (ominous laughter sounds).

What happened next, we do not know, they disappeared behind a black curtain, from which a new anti-Catty had already emerged.

Lady gaga

Met Gala 2016

Waif Lady Gaga and her make-up artist decided to draw black eyebrows and clumsy glue tufts. It worked out well. But not “ah”. The latter proposal pursues not only her image, but also her career.

Perhaps from this, she looks confused, and perhaps the makeup artist did not cope with his task. Though let’s listen to his monologue.

  • – Gagool, this is the case … Look, you have grown roots. See? They must be emphasized. How? I’ll take it right now and pick up the same eyebrow shadow color. And I’ll stick the bundles like no one taught me! I made it up myself. In short, you will be the best and no one will dare to say this time: Gaga is back in “that match” at the Met Gala 2016!

Kim kardashian

Met Gala 2016

Kim has a difficult situation. She quarreled to smithereens with Anastasia herself, the one that Beverly Hills. By adding Kim not only to her blacklist, Anastasia convinced all the masters of the United States of America to make her sucky eyebrows. So she knows what it’s like to deal with ABH herself!

And they did it to her – they dyed her eyebrows in a whitish color, which contrasts with her appearance and look foreign.

Katie holme  Worst star makeup

What a red carpet without ridiculous eyelashes. This is no longer an event, if one of the stars has not glued them. This time, it went to Katie Holmes. The background is as follows.

  • Her make-up artist forgot scissors at home, and he never keeps them in the dressing room, because he believes in the signs invented by him. I had to bite off the excess part of the eyelashes with my teeth. But it was not there. Then Jessica (Katie’s make-up artist) turned on her charm, knowing how to convince the star of the dangling eyelashes trend. It was not for nothing that she went to the courses “How to become a master of something else!”

Nevertheless, Katie managed to save face and she looks amazing compared to the rest of the stars.

Here they are – the most memorable images and well-thought-out makeup from Hollywood make-up artists at the Met Gala 2016. More than once they will give us a reason to discuss their work, because practice shows that from award to award there are more and more “masters”.

Which one do you think is the most memorable for you?