26 August 2021

When Pat McGrath said: I will do what you can see in my shows; with what you can create a glow – most gasped and froze in anticipation of Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003 collection … Do you understand what it is about? I’ll tell you now.

Description of Pat McGrath cosmetics

Everyone knows that Pat McGrath:

  • cool makeup artist
  • creative personality

In the fall of 2015, she launches a collection called “Phantom 002”, showcasing frenzied eyeshadow pigments and huge sequin collages that are also part of her collection in Inastagram.

Everything is bought up in one day (circulation: 1,200 copies) and the “Sold Out” sign makes everyone nervous except me. Do you know why? Because delivery to Africa is much more important than Russian delivery. Our country is not on the delivery list.

Labs Skin Fetish Collection 003

And already in 2016 Pat announces the launch of the “Skin Fetish 003” collection.

Highlighter powder, brush and creamy product – sounds trite. But in reality:

a highlighter that seems dry is actually gel! It is the first gel compressed product of its kind.

The color suits all skin tones and was showcased at Valentino’s Fall 2016 show, where Pat led the makeup process for models.

The brushes are made in Japan, possibly in the same factory as Hakuhodo. Therefore, there may not be an exclusive.

Double-sided creamy highlighter with reflective balm on one side and mother-of-pearl porthole on the other.

The Labs Skin Fetish 003 collection will be available in two shades (Iridiscent Pink 003 – lavender and Fine Gold 003 – gold). The video clearly shows their indecent, but cool shine)!

  • The collection will appear on April 26 at the official. site Pat, and already on May 10 will go to the warehouse of the American Sefora. Limited edition. Everyone is waiting.

Perhaps our country will be included in the list of countries for delivery and I will be able to evaluate the quality of these products that Pat produces. What do you think?