26 August 2021

Perfect makeup

There is a second personality in each of us, demanding from us a perfectly applied tone, perfectly colored eyelashes, a perfectly “lying” lipstick. Admit it, was it that you washed off your makeup simply because it didn’t seem perfect to you? Of course yes. And if not, then share in the comments how long you have been going for this – accepting yourself with a not always ideal image.

But today about something else: when it seems to us that mascara has disfigured the eyelashes, although it has slightly glued them together; the foundation disfigured, but in fact emphasized a couple of peeling; the lipstick has stained, but this is visible only to you in the magnifying mirror – all this can cross out the day, because it is not ideal.

I have heard more than once how Russian bloggers, makeup artists and just our girls, Western colleagues condemn the ideality of makeup.

Perfect makeup

– You can’t be fixated on yourself. You need to look less at yourself in the mirror and enjoy life more! They say. I agree, maybe so, but what’s wrong with striving to be better. After all, this quality is transferred to the way of life, goals, aspirations.

Just living and not caring how you look says only one thing: indifference to yourself. And this is the worst thing when you don’t care.

If this stage has come in your life, then immediately become aware of it and run as fast as you can from the feeling of indifference to yourself. You shouldn’t care what your face, hairstyle, figure looks like.

Perfect makeup

I have gone a little from the topic of makeup, but you get the point, right?

I’m sure there aren’t any of you like that. Otherwise, you would never have gone to my blog. So let’s discuss our “Russian” ideality. Is it good when you do not allow yourself to go out in people with a dirty head and unmasked bruises? Do you need to wash off not perfect makeup, what do you think about it?