Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo



For decades we have been fighting for long-lasting lip makeup! I would like to paint my lips so as not to think about lipstick prints on my teeth, smeared contours and other troubles. And liquid lipstick Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo promises to be one of them.

Description of liquid lipstick Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo

 Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo

Absolutely everyone knows what the payback for long-lasting makeup is – dry and dry lips. As an inevitable consequence that one wants to avoid, but cannot!

 Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo

Therefore, Pupa released Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo liquid lipstick two in one, where on the back side there is a gloss that does not allow the lipstick to completely dry out the lips.

 Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo

Lipstick quality

It looks like a lipstick without shine with a matte finish.


And this is how lipstick works with gloss applied on top.


Pay attention to the thickness of the gloss, which makes it unstable in behavior: with an excessive amount, it literally flows out of the lip contour.

I love wearing it in a matte look, clearly understanding that the consequences will be in the form of dry lips.

 Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo

How to apply liquid lipstick

Application takes patience. First, apply one layer and wait until it dries. We do the same with the second layer: we applied and waited. And only then we cover our lips with gloss.

From the first stroke, the lipstick lays down evenly and without bald spots, but emphasizing the relief of the lips and imperfections, if any.

Therefore, matte lipstick is contraindicated for imperfect lips! I would not ignore this obvious fact and wave my hand at it. Beautiful lips are well-groomed lips, not painted over to death with bright lipstick.

Pupa Made To Last Lip Duo # 001

 Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo

On the lips, lipstick looks dignified and even beautiful until you are called to dinner. Together with food, it will be “eaten” in parts.

Therefore, after lunch, you will need a mandatory second layer, which cannot be applied to lips that are clean from lipstick, but only on top of the old one, and do you know why? Because lipstick has phenomenal durability! No two-phase liquid will remove it at a time, there is no need to talk about a napkin.

3-5 swipes with a cotton pad with hydrophilic oil and you will still see lipstick residues on your lips. You have to almost rip it off with your teeth. This is another quest!

Pupa Made To Last Lip Duo # 010

 Pupa Made to Last Lip Duo

Sometimes I want to recolor my lips, smearing them with my usual gloss in the afternoon, but with Pupa it will not work. We’ll have to take time off from work, so as not to sort things out with her in front of strangers.

And then I realized – this is the most waterproof lipstick, which only oil can dissolve.


Lipstick is an intimate thing, you should be on the same wavelength with it. I am not on the same wavelength with Pupa Made To Last Lip Duo. All these showdowns with removing make-up complicate the already difficult task of being beautiful.

What do you say in defense of waterproof lipsticks, which are unbearably difficult to get rid of? Love them as much as I do (read sarcasm).