26 August 2021

Makeup Artist, Makeup Artists, Russian and Western, Differences, Photo

Russian and Western makeup artists – it would seem that we are all on the same straight line, but there are still differences between us, and we’ll talk about them.

With each new publication about the worst makeup of Hollywood stars, the number of questions increases: what’s wrong with them, who even let them into the profession of a makeup artist !?

And today I will answer all these questions in two words: the problem is mentality.

This is when for a Western makeup artist the wrong tone is chosen – yes, figs, we leave it as it is, but for a Russian – a fatal mistake! For them it is a crooked arrow, but for us it is a tragedy.

Their reaction to any mistake – with whom it does not happen! Our reaction is horror, we wash everything off and start over!

Makeup Artist, Makeup Artists, Russian and Western, Differences, Photo

The problem is in a different attitude to their work. Quality and responsibility are our everything! We – Russian make-up artists worry, worry, practice and everything – anyway, it seems to us not clean enough, imperfectly even and not too neat.

They can only be worried about the bad weather outside the window. Many of my colleagues who have gone abroad are acutely aware of the difference between us and them. It is – this is a fact.

Makeup Artist, Makeup Artists, Russian and Western, Differences, Photo

  • They care about the idea, the concept, and its implementation? Somehow to follow.

They don’t need to go into details, subtleties and nuances. There are no such words in English at all. And why complicate your life when it seems to be one, the only one. Waste your precious time figuring out the perfect shading? Dismiss, I have more important things to do – a western makeup artist will confidently tell you.

Because for them “artist” is in the first place, and only then “makeup”. And this also has its advantages, when it is necessary to abstract from the details and look at the image as a whole, not to concentrate on what did not work out and continue to create.

Balancing between these two states is what is most important for a makeup artist of any age, gender and nationality.

  • Each makeup artist decides for himself – what he should be. A perfect picture is not always attractive, and neither is a sloppy one. Cleanliness is far from the ultimate goal, and neither is dirt that gets in the way of evaluating work.

Having reached such a simple concept as the “golden mean”, it allows you to unleash your potential at 100%!

Your opinion: why are we so different, what are the differences between Russian and Western makeup artists, do you agree with my opinion?