26 August 2021


Today I will show you how to do smoky eye makeup with gray shadows without using mascara. It was a deliberate move to show you the beauty of the “haze” that is so easy to paint with gray shadows.

Smoky eye makeup with gray shadows

To repeat the smoky eye makeup with gray eyeshadows, choose the shades of the eyeshadow. They will help you create smooth feathering. And it, as you remember, depends on auxiliary shades. In my case, pink.

If you look closely at the eye makeup, you will see how the pinkish tint takes the shading of gray shadows to the temples. And he “lies” in the inner corner of the eye.


How to do smoky eye makeup with gray shadows

Under the eyebrow I “put” a light shade with a matte finish. I usually use a pearlescent texture, which smooths out the unevenness of the shading that is not always perfect.

I painted over the outer corner with eyeliner. He will be my base under the shade. This step is optional if you don’t want the outer corner to differ in intensity from the rest of your eye makeup. But practice shows that the darkened corner looks more advantageous.

Using a double-ended TheBalm brush, paint gray shadows into the crease of the eyelid.

With the reverse side, with a pencil brush, take the color closer to the inner corner of the eye.

And the final touch – we collect light pink shadows, which in the palette can look almost white and take the shading to the temple.

Smoky eye makeup with gray shadows

The deciding factor that will make you fall in love with this makeup is that it is suitable for the impending century, the shape of which I detailed here.

If you have such an eyelid, then do not forget to dye your eyelashes with mascara. They are a must for overhanging makeup that visually lifts the eye. Therefore, makeup artists so often refer to beams, sticking them in a certain pattern.